Mountain Climbing 101 – Georgia Cabin Rentals

Heading to the North Georgia Appalachians for some exhilarating, spell-binding views as you mountain climb? Well, it’s one of the prettiest places for climbing, to be sure. And there are plenty of other great outdoor activities nearby, like horseback riding, fishing, golfing, and boating. There are many great Georgia Cabin Rentals where you can hang your hat and relax at the end of a fun-filled day of activity. Experience mountain climbing 101!Dreamscape Cabin

As any experienced mountain climbing enthusiast will attest, it makes your “roughing it” adventure that much more enjoyable to know that once you get back down to earth, you have all the comforts and conveniences to which to look forward. There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing you will get a great night’s sleep upon returning to your cabin.

Once you’ve got your reservations all set at whichever of the GA rentals you decide upon, make sure you pack the following into your backpack for your climbing/hiking expedition:

  • Good climbing shoes & climbing gearhiking
  • Plenty of water – it’s a great idea to take some type of water treatment, too, just in case you run out of the bottled stuff
  • Lightweight, portable snacks, like jerky, trail mix, and granola bars
  • Flashlight (in case you’re not quite back on the ground when you start losing the light, and also so you can be found more easily, if need be
  • Your cell phone (For emergency use only – best not to get distracted chatting or texting while taking on a mountain!)
  • First Aid kit
  • Rope
  • Your keys
  • A sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket in case the temperature drops
  • Gloves

Common sense dictates you never take on mountain climbing alone – always go with at least one partner. It’s advisable you go with an experienced climber, rather than two novices on their own, the first time out. Pace yourself, stop to enjoy the beautiful vistas, and if it’s cool when you start out, dress in layers. You’ll want to have left room in your backpack to stow these if you get too hot, or if it’s warm when you start out, they’ll need to fit in there to begin with.

That covers some basic preparedness for a good day of mountain climbing, or “GA Rentals Mountain Climbing 101.”  Pace yourself, stop to enjoy the beautiful vistas, and stay focused as you test whether each foothold and handhold will support you properly. Roots, rocks, and dirt give way easily….move slowly and sure-footedly, taking your time and always paying close attention to the task at hand.

These basic tips will get you going – it’s highly suggested you do some more research and perhaps talk to some friends with climbing experience under their belt, as they’ll doubtless have great advice. Making sure you get your GA rentals reserved is one of the first steps you can take, to ensure your climbing trip to the  North Georgia Mountains is a fun, fulfilling experience! Some of the advantages of GA rentals include amenities like high-def TV; high-speed internet; soothing, relaxing hot tubs, and natural beauty as far as the eye can see. Enjoy!