How Mountain Cabin Rentals Improve Your Health

Is there any truth to improve your health by renting a cabin in the mountains? There have been several studies done on the difference that a higher altitude can have on your health. For instance, a study done on patients receiving dialysis who were in a higher altitude, have a significantly lower rate of death than those at sea level.

Also being at a higher altitude, like in the North Georgia Mountains with all the fresh, fog-free air, will allow for the body to acclimate to the lower air pressure. Then the decreased oxygen intake will elevate the heart and breathing rate, which will increase the production of red blood cells to carry more oxygen to the body.

Other studies suggest it can lead to a longer life. A study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health showed that those living at altitudes above 3,000 feet had a longer life expectancy than those living closer to sea level. Not only did they live longer, but their heart disease rate was almost half of their lower-lying counterparts. Researchers believe that the adjustments the body makes for high-altitude living may be beneficial for overall heart health. When exercising at higher altitudes, the body has to work harder which helps to strengthen the heart and improves stamina and endurance.

Finally, by renting a cabin up in the mountains, you will be removed from all the stress that you have with your everyday lifestyle. Studies have shown that work-related stress can add unnecessary weight. It can also cause heart problems as well. So by escaping to a totally new location out in the tranquil mountains, you will allow your body the time to heal naturally.Bear Hollow Cabin living

In conclusion, these findings underscore the potential benefits of higher altitudes on health outcomes, particularly for patients undergoing dialysis. Further research is warranted to explore the mechanisms behind these observations and to better understand how altitude may influence overall health and mortality rates. Improve your health now!