Holiday Family Reunions in Helen, GA

The holiday season makes an ideal time to get together with far-flung family members for family reunions in Helen GA. During these days, we think of kith and kin, of heart and home and we want to gather around those we love most. This year, schedule your family reunion for the cabins in Helen GA. The cabins in the mountain towns of the northern Appalachian foothills offer all kinds of fun winter activities for young and old alike.  But the best reason to plan your family reunions at the cabins in Helen, GA is for convenience. Planning a family reunion in a rental cabin comes with several distinct advantages over holding the get-together at someone’s home or in a hotel. First, no one family member gets stuck with hosting duties or has to worry about shopping, cleaning, and cooking. Instead, families can work together and come up with a cooking schedule and shared menu while letting housekeeping take care of the cleaning up.Staying in rental cabins also allows for the reunion to accommodate large families and groups for several days. Sure, a family reunion in a park for a couple of hours is fun, but it’s not like spending a weekend or a few days together. Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals can work with groups as small as 10 and as large as over 100. The property features several cabin groups within walking distance of each other and within a short driving distance of the restaurants and shops in Helen GA.

Phase I
Phase I features two pairs of cabins that share driveways with each other. These cabins and a fifth cabin border the same creek and families can easily get from one cabin to the other with just a short walk through the woods. All together, the cabins in Phase I can sleep up to 50 people.

Phase II
In this exclusive, gated community, seven cabins can hold up to 50 people. The Deer Crossing, Whispering Pines and Oak Hill cabins share a cul-de-sac and so do Bear Hollow, Hickory Woods, and Hickory Hill. The seventh cabin, River Wilds, is just half a mile away from the others. The close proximity of the cabins makes it easy to plan shared meals, play a quick game of football, or let the kids roam with their cousins.

All the cabins feature the same great amenities: pool tables, hot tubs, gourmet kitchens, and fireplaces. Don’t go to the same tired community hall or park for your family this year. Instead, make some memories to last a lifetime by getting away to the cabins in Helen, GA.