The Preservation Of Southern Charm Near Helen, GA And Mountain Cabins

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We live in a fast paced world where everything around us is always changing. So in a society where everything is constantly shifting, where can you go to get back to the roots of everything and connect with the past? Our luxurious Helen, GA cabins are located in one of the most history and culture rich regions in the entire nation. From the Cherokee tribes to the first gold rush on United States soil to Victorian era lifestyle, the past has been well preserved in northern Georgia so that we can continue to learn and grow as a helen ga cabinssociety. Why not make it a point to discover our roots and history when visiting the Helen, Georgia cabins?

There are plenty of fascinating and historical places dotting the area near our Helen, GA cabins. Whether you are visiting for a weekend or several weeks, you will never run out of things to do and see while visiting us. Here are four fabulous places to start on your journey to the past while in northern Georgia.

1. The Chief Vann House

During the late 1700s, a Cherokee chieftain found success as a wealthy businessman. In order to establish and display his prominence in the community, Vann decided to construct the largest and most prosperous plantation in all of the Cherokee Nation. This spectacular plantation spanned 1,000 acres of what is today known as Murray County. The construction of this magnificent home was completed in 1804. The two and one half story brick home was the most elegant that any had seen in the region. After his tragic murder in 1809, Vann's son took over the mansion, continuing to lead the Cherokee people and going to to become even wealthier than his father.

Sadly, the vast majority of the Cherokee people's native to the area were forced to move westward via the Trail of Tears. During this time, the Vann family lost their plantation and home. To this day, the Chief Vann house is Georgia's most well preserved historical Cherokee Indian home. Visitors to our Helen, GA cabins can enjoy a tour of this home which features hand carvings, spectacular antiques, and a floating staircase.

2. Traveler's Rest Historic Sitetravelers rest historic site

You and your group can connect with travelers to the northern Georgia region of the past when you visit the Traveler's Rest HIstoric Site. Located near to the Helen, GA cabins, this stagecoach inn and plantation home was constructed circa 1815. The home was built by James R. Wyly who situated the house along the Unicoi Turnpike which had recently been constructed to direct traffic over the Appalachian Mountains. The inn was operated by Wyly until 1833. At this time, Wyly sold the property to his neighbor, Devereaux Jarrett who was known as the "richest man in the Tugaloo Valley". Under Jarrett's ownership, the inn was expanded by two times and spanned his entire 14,400 acre plantation which was located along the Tugaloo River.

Because of its historical and architectural significance to the region, the Traveler's Rest was named as a National Historic Landmark in 1965 and visitors to the area area are welcome to tour the home and enjoy many original artifacts and furnishings. 

3. Scarlett's Secret

Although the legendary and beloved tale of "Gone With the Wind" is fictional in nature, it still holds a special place in the hearts of those who are fascinated by the Civil War Period. Scarlett's Secret is a magnificent collection of "Gone With the Wind" memorabilia. The museum is situated in a large 2 story plantation style home and can be found in the Nacoochee Valley, not far from our Helen, GA cabins. Besides Civil War and movie collectibles, the entire home is furnished and decorated in the same style as the period, so you will feel like you have truly stepped back in time. While you are visiting the museum you are also welcome to sit down and stay a spell to enjoy homemade tea and deserts.

gold museum dahlonega georgia4. Dahlonega Gold Museum

Most everyone knows about the famous California gold rush that occurred in 1849, however, there was another gold rush right here near the Helen, GA cabins that occurred twenty years earlier! When you visit Dahlonega, GA you can learn the entire exciting history of the first gold that was found in the Cherokee Nation. The Dahlonega Gold Museum is located inside the Lumpkin County Courthouse which is the oldest courthouse in the entire state of Georgia. Here you will learn about the region's significance in mining activities and minting United States coin tender. In fact, more that six million dollars worth of gold was coined in Dahlonega before closing in 1861. You will also be able to see a real gold nugget which weights more than five ounces! 

Which will you visit first?

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