Your Ultimate Guide For Planning Your Family Vacation To Helen Georgia & The North Georgia Mountains

Posted by Tom Telford on Tue, Dec 27, 2011

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When it comes to taking vacations in Georgia, there are few sites everyone is in the know about. The beaches of the Atlantic and Gulf Coast, Savannah and the Civil War monuments see millions of visitors each year. Atlanta is an urban vacation oasis.

But as any seasoned vacationer knows, it's not the places everyone knows about that Georgia Mountain Vacationmake the best spots for a getaway. It's the hidden gems with a state where you truly find a vacation to remember. In Georgia, the best kept vacation secret is the Appalachian Mountains.

Tucked up in the northeastern corner of the state, the Appalachian mountains stand tall and proud among the deciduous forests of the Chattahoochee National Forest. Just one hour outside of the bustling metropolis of Atlanta, the quiet solitude of the mountains provides a refreshing, renewing and relaxing vacation experience. 

The mountains in Georgia provide several recreation opportunities for people looking for something a little different than the usual crowded vacation sites. The mountain towns that lie in and among the foothills remind you of a simpler time when life was a little slower and a little less hectic. You can also experience a little of the pioneer spirit by Cherokee Nationvisiting recreations of working gold mines or visiting historic sites. The history of the Georgia mountains extends before U.S. settlers arrived. The Cherokee Nation once populated northern Georgia.

The best kept secret of a Georgia mountain vacation, though, is the amazing wealth of natural beauty you will encounter. From the rushing  Chattahoochee River to the cascading waterfalls, from the Appalachian Trail to horseback rides through the forest, the Georgia mountains beckon us to them with a promise of unbridled, natural force. You can't compare the quiet and solitude of strolling alongside a stream or canoeing in a mountain lake to the noisy din of the Atlanta streets or a hot, crowded beach. 

Escape to the Georgia Mountains for your best vacation ever. Just don't tell anyone else. It's our secret.
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