5 Reasons Why Your Next Family Vacation Should Be In A Mountain Cabin

Family vacations should be filled with fun adventures and lasting memories. Although there are many places where you can choose to take your next family vacation, have you considered a stay in the mountains? You can have a home away from home in a private luxury cabin. Here are 5 reasons why a mountain cabin should be your family’s next vacation destination.

1.     Nearby Weekend Getaway

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a weekend getaway in the mountains. You can escape from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta in as short as a 1.5 hour drive. Even if you are coming from Tallahassee you can arrive at this beautiful destination in just under 6 hours. With Helen’s close proximity to many of the major cities in the southeastern states, you can easily make the commute within a day’s drive or less. Within hours you will be kicked back under the lush forest of the northern Georgia mountains.

2.   Have Fun for Less

When it comes to getting away with your family there are many destination options. You can take a trip to Disney, visit the ocean or travel out of the country. Of course, all of those are going to come with a hefty price. For example, a weekend trip to Disney Land for a family of 4 costs on average $1,126 including admission, lodging and food. A vacation at the beach is cheaper, but you can still expect to pay at minimum, for the weekend $358 including hotel and dining. That’s without travel costs. However, with a stay at a luxury mountain cabin there is no need to dine out and there are an abundance of free activities to enjoy. For a standard cabin the cost is approximately $400 for the entire weekend stay. Better yet, there are no hidden costs to surprise you later.

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3.     Quality Time with Family

The main focus of a family vacation is about spending quality time with your loved ones. With a mountain getaway in your own private luxury cabin, your family can spend hours reconnecting and bonding with each other. There will be no distractions of passing vehicles, sirens, or people knocking on your door. It will just be your family and the peaceful sounds of nature. During the day, you can spend time outdoors and when evening falls you can curl up with your family next to the fire or play a board game. Whatever you decide to do, you can be certain that you will get the quality time that every family needs.

4.     Activities for Everyone

Lodging in a mountain cabin offers an abundance of activities day and night for the entire family.  Star gaze at night, roast marshmallows and tell stories. Then during the day get outdoors for the many adventures awaiting you.

Strolling, Hiking and Biking georgia mountain cabins

Near Helen there are several walking, hiking and biking trails. Some are easy nature trails leading to frog ponds or a stroll around the lake. There are also strenuous trails that cross over rocks and through streams. A few trails will take you to brilliant waterfalls and to majestic overlooks. Many of these can be found at Unicoi State Park.

Swimming, Fishing and Canoeing

You can take a swim in the beautiful 44 acre Unicoi Lake, have a picnic, fish or take to the water on a canoe. Running through Helen, is also the Chattahoochee River. On this river, you can hop on a tube and make a trek down the river. You can also wade through the river or the other various streams throughout the mountains.

Art, Shopping and Dining

If you have an art lover in the family, take them into Helen where they can visit art galleries and museums. You can also shop at the many German-style shops that line the cobblestone streets. Also, sitting along the Chattahoochee River are many restaurants which offer excellent dining choices.

5.     Relaxation at its Finest

Life is hectic with work, school and daily tasks. Every now and then, it’s important to get away and relax. At a mountain cabin you can enjoy peace and quiet. Not only will you be able to relax, but you can do it in a luxury cabin. With a full kitchen you can prepare and eat meals without having to step foot out of your cabin. After dinner relax in the hot tub, read a book next to the warmth of the fireplace or sit out on the deck and gaze at the stars. In the morning, sit back and listen to the birds singing and watch the sunrise as it peaks up over the trees.

Next time you are in need of a break and looking for a wonderful family vacation, look no further than a luxury cabin in the stunning Georgia Mountains. Have you vacationed in Helen, GA before?