Helen Georgia Tubing Relaxation Guide

It seems like when you go on vacation to get some rest and relaxation, you only end up doing the opposite throughout the entire trip! With all of the activities to experience and schedules to keep, a vacation can quickly become very exhausting! On top of all this, keeping everyone in your group happy and entertained can be a tiring task in and of itself. So how can you find a way for everybody to have a relaxing, enjoyable, and affordable vacation experience? You will find all of this and more on a Helen, Georgia tubing adventure.

For those who have never before been tubing, the name may give you the false impression that it is more of an extreme sport than the relaxing experience that it is. When you go tubing, you will have two peaceful hours to lazily float down the Chattahoochee River. This is a time of complete dedication to relaxation, taking in the gorgeous Northern Georgia scenery, and bonding with your family and friends. To make the very most of your Helen, Georgia tubing experience, here are a few guidelines.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

Tubing down the Chattahoochee River will enable you to cool off and escape the heat, but you will not be able to escape the powerful UV rays of the sun. Do not let your fun and relaxing day in the water end with a painful sunburn. Always remember to protect both yourself and your family. Make sure that everyone in your group is wearing sunscreen.

You may also consider wearing a hat to keep the sun off of your face, and sunglasses to keep your eyes comfortable, too. If you are especially fair-skinned or sun sensitive, a little zinc oxide on the nose and ears would serve as added protection.

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Refreshments and Beverages

It’s easy to get dehydrated in the summertime; especially in the mountains. With its headwaters originating from a spring in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia, the Chattahoochee River remains ice-cold throughout the year. This refreshing quality can often mask the effects of the hot, summer sun.

It is wise to bring beverages for rehydration. Bottled water or sports drinks may be toted in a compact, floating cooler. Throw in some fruit snacks, tether the cooler to your tube, and you’re ready for a relaxing ride.

A “Push Pole” and Tethers

Using a “push pole” or a “push stick” will make sure that you keep floating down the river peacefully, and without worry. This handy tool will help you push off from shore when you get too close or happen to get stuck. Whether you bring along a pole or find one before “launching”, it’s well worth the effort in the long run.

While you may also use your push pole for distancing those who get too close for comfort, you may want to keep family and friends a little closer to you. Bringing along an extra tether or robe may come in handy for joining tubes.

A Water-Proof Camera

As you float along the river with your family and friends, you will be creating fun and happy memories, as well as enjoying a fantastic panoramic view of the nature and wildlife in Northern Georgia. You will kick yourself if you forget the camera back at your cabin! A disposable water-proof camera is an inexpensive way to capture the magic and memories of your Helen, Georgia tubing journey.

When you need to relax on your vacation to Helen, Georgia tubing is the answer. This peaceful and fun river adventure is an activity that your entire group will enjoy. Out on the water, you are forced to slow down and take it easy for a couple of hours, which is why you planned your trip in the first place! And when you take advantage of the free offer, you really will not have anything to cause you stress. Have fun on the water and enjoy your vacation!

After your afternoon on the Chattahoochee River, what plants and wildlife were you able to see? Share with us in our blog comments!