Helen GA, Getting A Blast From The Past

It’s easy to become fascinated and caught up in the rich culture and historical background of the areas that we travel to and a visit to a Helen, GA cabin rental and the gorgeous surrounding region is no exception to this rule. What is there to learn here? Rooted deep in American history and tradition, Helen, GA is the perfect place to both play and learn which means that travelers of all ages and interests will remain engaged and happy with your getaway to our luxurious cabin rentals in the northern GA mountains.

Native American History in Helen, GA

As you enjoy the creature comforts of your cabin, exploring the vast timberland forests, and visiting the many fascinating and fun Helen, GA attractions, you may find it hard to believe that the area was once densely populated by multiple Native American tribes, the most prevalent being the Cherokee. As you visit the region you are sure to hear about some of the most famous American Indians to have inhibited the area and be told of the legends of these peoples. You can learn more about these individuals and tribes by visiting the Sautee-Nacoochee History museum.Dreamscape Cabin living

One of the biggest claims to fame in all of the Helen, GA area is the legend of Sautee and Nacoochee. As the story goes, two young Indian lovers from opposing tribes fell into a forbidden love. Sautee, a Chickasha brave, and Nacoochee who was the daughter of a Cherokee chief were smitten with one another and decided to elope at nearby Yonah Mountain. When Nacoochee’s father learned of this, he sent many braves from his tribe in pursuit of the couple and Sautee was ordered to be thrown from the cliff. As he was thrown over the edge, Nacoochee broke from her father’s grasp and leapt from the mountain to join her lover in death. The pair is buried together in the Nacoochee Indian mounts near our cabins in Helen, GA.

Gold Rush History in Helen, GA

Though most people are familiar with the California gold rush of 1849, you may be surprised to consolidated gold mine archiveslearn that the first American Gold Rush actually occurred years earlier when gold was found in the Helen, GA area. There are several wonderful attractions that you can visit which will take you back to that place in time so that you can discover the excitement of striking it rich on your own.

  • Consolidated Gold Mine – On top of panning for gold and precious stones, you and your group will be able to take a tour in a former gold mine when you visit this attraction. You’ll descend 200 feel below ground to wander the caverns where miners once struggled to glean gold within the large Quartz veins. It is a truly unforgettable experience for all.
  • Duke’s Creek Gold & Ruby Mines – Located in Helen, GA, Duke’s Creek is a fun place for kids of all ages to learn first hand about the Georgia Gold Rush. Experts on site will show you how to pan for gold and precious gems. The Duke’s Creek crew will evaluate your finds for cutting and setting before you go.
  • Crisson Gold Mine – Crisson Gold mine is best known for being an actual open pit gold mine which still employs a 125 year old stamp bill that is used to seek out gold in quartz rock. You have the opportunity to pan for gold and gems, or you can decide to purchase a 5 gallon bucket of ore to take home with you. Many guests here have found precious stones that they have even been able to have turned into beautiful jewelry.
  • dahlonega gold museum archivesDahlonega Gold Museum – So what was done with all of the gold that was found and collected in the area? For many years, the United States set up a Branch Mint operation that coined over six million dollars in gold before closing its doors in 1861. This museum will allow you to take a look at the equipment that was used to mint these coins, some of the original coins themselves, and a gold nugget that weights more than five ounces.
A Slower Pace of Life in Helen, GA

Just being in Helen will make you feel like you have gone back in time. The quiet, simple way of life is like a breath of fresh air. Every shop and restaurant you enter will bring you a smile as you are greeted and treated to some good old fashioned Southern Hospitality. The quaint Alpine Village in Helen will also make you feel as though you are wandering in Old World Germany. No one is in any particular hurry. Window shoppers, cyclists, carriage riders, and tubers will all find themselves enjoying a slower pace and the little things in life.

Are you ready to step back in time?