Helen Adventure Series: Exploring The Yonah Mountain Hiking Trail

Are you looking to extend your summer activities? If so, then consider heading to Helen Ga. Once you get there, you will find many Helen GA attractions that are sure to captivate you and provide hours of enjoyment. Whether you choose to remain in the town of Helen or venture out into the surrounding areas, you will be happy you made the trip.

Of all the many things to do in Helen, hiking near Helen GA. There is no better way to experience the full view of the northern Georgia mountains than venturing out onto one of the many trails in the area. One trail in particular is the Yonah Mountain Hiking Trail. This trail is open year round for you to enjoy. You can even bring your dog along if you would like.

What you Will See

Imagine a sunset that goes on for miles and a gorgeous view of the rolling hills from a peak high upon the northern Georgia mountains. That is just a taste of what you will see on the Yonah Mountain hiking trail.

All along the route there are overlooks of the countryside and plenty of areas to explore. As you reach the top of the mountain, you will step into a grassy knoll. Here is where you will find the last portion of the trail which leads to the summit. At the top, there are several rocks that you can climb. One of these is a 200 foot granite rock face, where experienced rock climbers practice their repelling and climbing techniques. There are also ledges that you can step onto that offer amazing photo opportunities. Someone mentioned that when you step onto the ledge, it looks like you are sitting on the skyline. Indeed it does. The view is spectacular. However, if you are afraid of heights you may have to crawl to the edge or view it from afar.

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Not for Beginners

This 2.3 mile loop near Cleveland, GA takes you up through the lush forest to the top of Mount Yonah. The climb is short but steep, making it a great trail for moderate climbers. Someone summed this up well by saying “Not for beginners, but great for climbers!” Adding to the strenuous nature of the climb, are the many rocks that you will encounter along the way. For this reason, be sure to wear good quality shoes. Also, keep an eye out for occasional bicyclists who enjoy this trail as well.

Weather to Expect

Summer is still in full swing in Helen GA. From August to October the weather is ideal for outdoor activities. The temperature is warm and comfortable, ranging from the mid 80s to 90’s during the daytime hours. The evening hours typically drop into the 50s. Although August is generally humid in the area, the moisture begins to gradually lessen leading into the driest month of the year, October. This moderate weather makes this part of the year an excellent time to visit the many Helen GA attractions.

What to Bring

On any hike, it is important to go prepared. Since there is still a slight possibility of rain during these months, it would be a good idea to bring a light rain jacket. This would also be helpful if your stay lingers on into the evening hours, which may happen if you want to see the magnificent sunset. Also, be sure to bring a map of the area, a healthy snack and plenty of water. Additionally, as an added safety precaution, let someone know where you are headed before venturing off.

hiker yonah mountain helen gaGetting to the Trailhead

Helen GA is only 6 miles northeast of the Yonah Mountain trailhead. From Cedar Creek, you would head southwest on Zeppelin Strasse. Once you reach Brucken Strasse turn left. Turn left again onto Edelweiss which will take you to Hwy 75 in Helen. Turn left on Hwy 75 and continue on for about 4 miles. Directly after you pass the Yonah Mountain Campground, you will see Tom Bell Road on your left. Follow this road to Chambers Road. Chambers Road will take you to Forest Service Road 323, which will lead you directly to the trailhead.

If you haven’t been convinced yet to visit the Yonah Mountain hiking trail, take a look at what these hikers had to say:

“Wow, what a view from the top!” – Jason Turner
“Great payoff for not too much effort.” – Kate Greever
“Awesome bouldering and climbing routes. Awesome View!!” – Bradley Patterson
“Great workout! View at top made climb very worth while!!” – Crystal Gibson

As you visit the many Helen GA attractions, be sure to reserve a couple of hours to experience the beauty found along the Yonah Mountain hiking trail. When you do, you will certainly leave with many memories and stunning photos to share. Which Helen GA attractions have you been to?  Let us know in the comments below.

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