Guide For Effectively Choosing The Right Helen, Georgia Cabin Rental

Where can a person go to get away from busy streets, from ringing telephones, and the pressures of the daily grind? Helen Georgia Cabin Rental! People look forward to a time of the year when they can leave their cares behind for an enjoyable vacation. But crowded theme parks, long lines, and expensive fees are not desirable when considering a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

Helen Georgia Cabin Rental may have just what you are looking for when searching for the perfect place for relaxation, family fun, and possibly a little romance.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the following topics to help you better plan your next trip to Helen Georgia Cabin Rental.

  • Planning Your North Georgia Vacation
  • Your Accommodation Options
  • Consider These Factors When Selecting Your Cabin Rental
  • Cabins Types For Different Types of Stays
  • Things To Do Around Helen, Georgia

1. Planning Your Helen Georgia Cabin Rental North Georgia Vacation

Planning a vacation can be a daunting task. The planning involves where you will go, how you will get there, and where you will stay. Then, you want to plan the entertainment and activities you wish to experience and how that ties into your vacation budget. So, before you book your vacation in the woods, follow these planning tips to help you choose the right starting point.

Bear Hollow Cabin living

A. Set a Vacation Objective

The greatest thing about vacations is that they are each unique. Each individual and family unit has a different vacation objective, depending upon the time of year, areas you plan to visit, and participating family members. Before searching for a place to stay, take the time to consider what you hope to gain from your vacation experience.

Are you looking to relax in a peaceful place? Are you looking to be near a city or town?

What cabin amenities are most important to you? Are you flying or driving to the rental?

The answers to these questions may dictate your location.

B. Establish a Budget

Set a budget before you find a picture of your ideal luxury vacation on the web. A budget helps prevent unaffordable vacation planning. Whether you are searching online or via a travel professional, setting a budget enables you to narrow your options without breaking the bank.

C. Set an Activities Plan

Create a list of the attractions you hope to visit during your stay.

Potential activity options might include hiking, hunting, fishing, rock climbing, horseback riding, and possibly skiing (more ideas listed in the things-to-do section below).

D. Search Options

Once you have narrowed down your search focus, it is time to start comparing available properties. Make sure to review the lodging’s location, nearness to the activities you previously outlined, amenities offered, availability, and last, but not least, pictures of the property’s exterior and interior. The following in-depth section will help you navigate these many factors for renting.

2. Your Accommodation Options

Once you’ve decided the mountainous area of the south you most want to visit, select your lodging.

The type of accommodation you choose will significantly depend on who you are traveling with, your budget, and your specific needs and wants. Your more common options include:

A. Bed & Breakfasts

Because of the charming nature of the nearby cities, many couples decide to make a reservation with a local bed & breakfast. This type of lodging can be a quaint and cozy way to connect, learn about the surrounding areas, and meet with other travelers.

While such a stay can be romantic and charming, it may not provide you with all of your hoped-for luxuries. Also, keep in mind that B&Bs are typically more couples-oriented than family-oriented.

B. Hotels

Traditionally, hotels are a popular choice for lodging on vacation. Upscale hotels can leave travelers feeling pampered and relaxed after a day of exploring the wilderness, tasting wine, or shopping for antiques.

Hotels and motels are one affordable way to accommodate families.

C. Campgrounds

Many state and national parks allow vacationers to camp on site, enabling them to become fully immersed in nature. If you are looking for an affordable vacation that will allow you to really connect with the great outdoors, this is an excellent option.

If you prefer to have creature comforts and amenities, on the other hand, you may want to consider something a bit different.

D. Cabin Rentals

Of all of the available options, a stay in a mountain cabin rental is the best way to both live in the lap of luxury and in the heart of nature, while also getting the most value for your dollar (At least we think so ).

You might find yourself amazed at the luxury of these vacation rentals. Units with multiple floors, bedrooms, and bathrooms ensure that all guests have privacy to feel comfortable. Common areas like living rooms, game rooms, fire pits, and a kitchen are for bringing everyone together.

You can relax and unwind in a hot tub or Jacuzzi while enjoying the spectacular views of the mountain ridges. Also, you can select that view so you can take in the sights of your choosing from your private balcony. Finish your day by watching a family movie, listening to satellite radio, or cuddling in front of the fireplace with your special someone.

If lodging in a cabin rental is the direction you plan to take, our next section will guide you on all the factors to consider as part of your decision-making process.

3. Consider These Factors When Selecting Your Cabin Rental

What do you look for when selecting your travel accommodations? If you’re like most, you seek a reasonably priced comfortable, clean space along with several other factors. As you explore your options, use the following reference list to help you pick the best to fit your needs.

A. The Rental Company

Helen, Georgia, is a top destination for the Southeast and has thousands of cabins to compare and choose from for your stay. You can rent directly from owners as well as various cabin rental companies. So, how in the world do you start the process of researching which one to choose?

Many good companies have gorgeous cabins that will provide an excellent home away from home. However, it’s essential to ensure the management company has the service to back up the beautiful cabin you see online.

Finding that out is not always easy. A great starting place is to check the reviews and do a simple survey of what actual guests have to say.

Before you book, ask how they respond to any issues? As much as you hope you never have any problems, these are homes just like your own, and occasionally an issue does arise. It’s better to know on the front end rather than when in the middle of your stay. How a company responds to the urgency of managing a need is of utmost importance if they want a return visit from you.

Here are other factors to consider as part of your decision.

B. The Location & Surrounding Area

The mountains in north Georgia offer everything a vacationer could want in relaxation and outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, mountain biking, and fishing. The topography throughout the southern United States is considerably mountainous and is home to the Appalachians, featuring the Smoky and Blue Mountain ranges. These ranges are uniquely beautiful, with an individual appeal to travelers.

Helen, Georgia offers fine dining with Bavarian hospitality and a variety of fun-filled attractions. The cabins provide views of mountain vistas, waterfalls, creeks, and picturesque woods, depending on your preferences.

Helen also makes the ideal starting place to explore the mountain communities of northern Georgia, including Dahlonega, Clarkesville, and Cleveland. You’ll find charming specialty shops, unique artisans and craftsmen, historical sites, and award-winning vineyards to explore. The best part about all of this? Your cabin rental in Helen, Georgia, is smack in the middle of it all.

Vacationers who decide to visit the eastern edge of Tennessee may want to spend time in the Great Smoky Mountains. There is no fee to enter this national park that provides an abundance of things for travelers to experience. The area abounds with wildlife, offers over 800 miles of hiking trails, features about eighty different historic buildings to explore, and furnishes some truly spectacular views. Generally speaking, this particular range is best for individuals who enjoy spending time in the outdoors and connecting with nature.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are equally beautiful and are known to dazzle visitors to northern Georgia. The area surrounding the Blue Ridge mountain range is home to numerous quaint towns that feature wineries, antique stores, craft shops, and charming eateries. As with the Smoky Mountains, you will find a host of plant and animal wildlife, ranging from salamanders to fox to deer and beyond.

Although the area provides travelers with a positive experience in nature, it is also very family-friendly, romantic, and filled with exciting things to do.

C. Space Requirements

Ask yourself, how much space you and your group will require to feel comfortable?

If you are embarking on a romantic getaway, you can relax and unwind in a single bedroom cabin. If you’re traveling with friends or children, you will each welcome a little extra space.

Do your kids get along well enough to share a room with bunk beds, or would it be best to keep them completely separated in individual spaces? How many bathrooms will your group need so everyone can be ready for adventure timely and to keep the peace?

Thinking through these questions will help you narrow down your options more and get you headed toward finding the perfect rental.

D. Special Needs & Interest

Once you have your search complete on the cabins that meet your space requirements, think about and plan for those specific needs or special interests that pertain to you and your group.

If you are traveling with a senior adult or one who has limited mobility or handicaps, take a look at cabins that offer ramps and are handicap accessible.

If you ride into Helen on a motorcycle, you might have an interest in selecting from the available biker-friendly cabins. Oh, and what about your beloved family pet? If you can’t bear the idea of leaving your four-legged friends at home, there are options for pet-friendly cabins.

E. Consider The Season

Summer is a lively time with swimmers and bikers. In the winter, the landscape transforms into a snow-covered frosty wonderland, and this is when the allure of visiting Helen’s Christmas village increases.

As winter begins to fade, the celebration of Valentine’s Day brings numerous couples who are in love. Spring-time flourishes with romantic mountain interludes. The autumn season entices numerous visitors to view the enchanting colors of the mountains.

F. The Booking Process

Booking a cabin can be as easy as going online or picking up the telephone. Mountain cabins are in high demand, so be prudent by booking early.

G. The Amenities

This step allows guests to select all of the luxurious and exciting amenities that will make your vacation truly special. Most guests love to stay in a cabin that has a hot tub or Jacuzzi, (or both!) that provide spectacular views of northern Georgia while soaking in the warm, relaxing waters.

We let you customize your preferences. You can enjoy a view from rockers on spacious, wrap-around porches or patios. You have your pick to walk out your door and be greeted by the sights and sounds of the forest each day or to view majestic mountains from your window. Choose a cabin with a nearby creek if you find the babbling sounds soothing or if waterfall views enchant you, we have that, too!

If you love to grill out, choose a cabin that features a fire pit or a barbecue grill. If you want to add a little warmth or romance into the mix, you can choose a rental with a fireplace. Game tables, multiple TVs, stereo systems, and more can all be a part of your stay with no additional charges.

H. The Essentials

The next step to selecting your ideal vacation home and narrowing down the rentals is to stop and consider the creature comforts and things that you absolutely cannot live without while away. For some vacationers, staying connected to the office is essential.

For these individuals, it’s best to book a cabin that has a reliable high-speed or wireless internet connection and a land-line phone. Other travelers can’t stand the idea of not being able to wash their clothes, so for them, choosing a rental that includes a washer and dryer is vital.

I. An Agreeable Rental Agreement

Cabin rentals agreements are one place it pays to read the fine print. These agreements often cover what you can and can’t do in the rental, your liability for any damage, check-in and check-out times, and other “need-to-know” information. Relax and take some time to read through the agreement before your vacation, so you know what to expect. You can view our rental agreement here.

J. Check the Kitchen

A considerable benefit of cabins can be the kitchen and the ease of eating home-cooked meals.

Most cabin kitchens come with necessary kitchen utensils. However, they don’t come with specialty equipment and may have limited cookware.

Check to see what the cabin kitchen provides, so if needed, you can bring your knives, specific pans, and other kitchenware for making those yummy meals.

Does the kitchen include the amenities stated in the agreement? If you’re missing an essential kitchen tool like a bottle opener, will the company make sure to provide the missing item? Can’t live without a coffee maker? Hate to wash dishes? There’s a cabin that will fit every need.

K. The Linen Closet

Does your potential rental come with the appropriate bedding and linens? If you don’t want to lug bedding and towels along on your trip, you’ll want to find a cabin company that provides clean linens.

Cabins should provide enough linens to cover all the beds in the house and enough towels for the number of people the cabin sleeps. But, you may want to bring extra towels if you plan to use the hot tub or Jacuzzi tub frequently.

 You may have concerns about towels, sheets, and other linens. Does the cabin company handle that promptly?

L. Watch the Time

Cabin rental companies set check-in and check-out times for specific reasons. The times give the cleaning crew a chance to do their jobs and prepare the cabin for the next visitor. Knowing when you can arrive and when you need to leave will save you headaches and extra fees. If you need an early check-in or late check-out, be sure to ask at the time of booking.

M. Privacy

We located some of our cabins on secluded, private lots. The seclusion allows you ultimate privacy and the ability to escape from everyday worries and stresses. There’s no need to fret about noise or being disturbed by other travelers. You have the freedom and privacy to come and go as you choose while ensuring that your vacation meets your specific needs. Imagine enjoying a warm cup of coffee on a chilly mountain morning. The serenity of your cabin’s back porch will help you get your morning started in peace and privacy.

N. Convenience

When you choose a cabin rental for your vacation lodging, you’ll quickly discover how convenient it is. Cooking meals in-house eliminates the hassles of waiting for a table at a restaurant, guarantees meals that everyone will eat, and saves you money. When you return to your cabin after a fun-filled day, you also have plenty of space for your group to spread out to relax. The kids can play in one area of the cabin while the grownups unwind elsewhere. Cabin amenities help ensure that there is plenty to do on-site for everyone in your group.

O. Flexibility

Still not ready to make the call and book your vacation? Consider the ease and flexibility of cabin rentals. Rent a small cabin for two for a romantic weekend. Book a larger house with family rooms and plenty of outdoor space for a family vacation. Or consider booking several houses next to each other for a large family reunion.

With a cabin, you also have the flexibility to shift your vacation plans in an instant. Your plans to hike a portion of the historic Appalachian Trail may change when you sense the call of the Georgia Wine Country instead. With a cabin rental in the heart of northern Georgia, you get to set the pace of your vacation.

P. The Cost

Additionally, Helen Georgia cabin rental, will save you some cash.

When you consider all the amenities included in cabin rentals, the value is fantastic. The cabin rental price includes on-site entertainment, a fully equipped kitchen, a convenient location, and the chance for your entire group to enjoy the vacation under one roof.

The choice of a cabin rental is exceptionally affordable for large groups, which require multiple hotel rooms. Consider how many hotel rooms your group would need and then compare the total price to a single cabin rental; the savings are obvious!

Closing Out The Selection Criteria

All our cabins are close to the mountain retreat of Helen Georgia cabin rental. Once you enter this Alpine wonderland, you’ll understand what makes Helen so unique.

Helen’s streets hold specialty and antique stores, delicious restaurants featuring German favorites, and entertainment options for the entire family. Helen’s townspeople know how to make any celebration memorable.

The annual Oktoberfest celebration, as well as many other holidays, are celebrated in style in Helen throughout the year. 

4. Cabins Types For Different Types of Stays

Regardless of your personal preferences or needs, there is a cabin for everyone. To help you to narrow your choices more, below is a look at our most popular types of cabin rentals.

A. Romantic Cabins

Cabins provide the perfect setting for any romantic getaway. Cozy yet luxurious cabins for two make it simple for sweethearts to fall in love all over again. You can handpick nearly every element of your cabin so that it provides as romantic a setting as possible.

For starters, you choose how close or far away you want your cabin to be from Helen. If you plan on popping into town for some couple-friendly activities, you may want to select a cabin situated only a few miles outside of the city. This proximity allows quick access to Habersham Winery, the Alpine Carriage Company, Sunburst Stables, and local day spas – all popular spots for couples. Some prefer to keep to themselves and enjoy the seclusion provided by cabins located further away from Helen.

Next, you can select the view you and your honey will most enjoy. Do you want to watch the sun go down over the mountains each day? Or would you prefer to listen to a cascading waterfall? Many couples enjoy secretly watching deer lap water from a creek behind their cabin. And others favor being surrounded by a timberland forest, teeming with plant and animal wildlife.

Lastly, you and your special someone can choose the amenities you desire for your cabin.

Showcased Couples Cabins

We’ve got over a dozen romantic cabins, and you can view them all here, or see several of them highlighted below.


This cabin is located only ten minutes from downtown Helen and is situated on a secluded lot, making it perfect for a fairy tale romantic weekend getaway. A small creek runs across the back of the property, and guests can enjoy seasonal mountain views.

This peaceful backdrop provides the perfect scenery for a quiet afternoon walk or enjoying your morning coffee on the back porch. Guests enjoy the Jacuzzi tub that sits at the foot of the king-sized bed and provides a private, spa-like experience.


A rain shower for two, inside jacuzzi spa and outdoor hydrotherapy spa for two makes the Oasis cabin unlike any of our other properties.

Granite counter tops, custom cabinets, a nice cozy fireplace and a soft leather couch where you can curl up together to embrace your special moments will leave you with sweet memories for a life-time. Of course, you may want to have a little fun playing pool or watching the large screen television.

B. Family Fun Cabins

If you’re traveling with children, cabins are the best way to go. Multiple bedrooms and bathrooms can do wonders for bickering siblings so that you can enjoy your time spent on vacation.

Families love choosing from cabins with game tables such as ping pong, and pool because they enable the group to come together for fun. You can even hunker down in the family room to watch a movie on your flat-screen television after a day of tubing in the Chattahoochee River or panning for gold.

There’s plenty to explore outside of the cabin. Children love to splash in a private creek, make leaf rubbings, look for animal tracks, and watch for native wildlife. Also, a fully equipped kitchen in your cabin helps you avoid the high cost of feeding a family at a restaurant.

Showcased Family Cabins

Ultimately, the Helen Georgia cabin rental provide the highest degree of fun for the lowest cost possible.

Lazy Bear Lair

This cabin is a part of the local Innsbruck Golf and Country Club and offers guests complimentary use of the club’s onsite swimming pool, tennis courts, and reduced golf fees.

This cabin is ideal for families because it offers many different on-site entertainment options. It boasts a pool table, hot tub, two flat-screen television sets, and a DVD player.

Parties of up to twelve people can spread out in the three bedrooms and loft area furnished with a queen sofa bed.

Guests can escape to their mountain paradise in Paradise, where you can relax with the marvelous view of a private waterfall from the deck. Picnic by the creek or hike in the beautiful scenery of the surrounding woods. 

Paradise cabin offers the amenities of home with similar luxuries to our other rental cabins: WiFi internet, television with surround sound, hot tub, pool table, and Jacuzzi. A charcoal barbecue grill is provided to enjoy cabin life at its finest without letting go of pampering comforts.

C. Family Reunions & Large Groups

A mountain cabin vacation allows families to think big. The lush and spacious rentals provide the most affordable, convenient, and comfortable spot for extended families to come together and enjoy each other’s company. We rent cabins in blocks that can sleep over 100 persons, permitting everyone to have their own space while still keeping everyone close together.

Handicap accessible cabins are available within these blocks for senior members of the clan, and bunk beds can allow all of the cousins to have fun sleepovers together. The adults can enjoy overseeing their children’s outdoor activities from the comfort of the cabin’s wraparound porches and patios. Fire pits and barbecues are popular amenities for family reunions. Your group can come together to trade stories and share a meal. You might even grill up some of the trout that the fishermen in the group were lucky enough to catch earlier in the day.

D. With Good Friends

Helen Georgia Cabin Rental offers for groups of friends that sleep up to twelve, where your entire party has space to stretch out and enjoy privacy.

Make your selection from cabins that feature game rooms with pool tables, foosball tables, or ping pong. Your group may also decide to have a good time enjoying a cold drink and roasting marshmallows or hot dogs around a fire pit or grilling out on a charcoal barbecue grill.

On top of all of the great cabin features, Georgia is an incredible place for friends to enjoy numerous activities together. You can white water raft together down the Chattahoochee River, take an extreme zip line tour, and more!

Try out Summit where you can relax on leather sofas in front of a giant stone fireplace while taking in views of the mountains. Out on the deck, sip a glass of wine from the hot tub overlooking the beautiful, scenic forest.

This one bedroom cabin has a private deck and family room featuring a pool table and stone fireplace to keep you cozy and warm throughout the night. A set of bunk beds makes Summit perfect for a family retreat.

E. Pet Friendly

For families with pets, it can be tough to leave your animals behind. For many, pets are indeed a part of your family. Though our cabins are luxurious, we provide select cabins for those who want their four-legged friends to join in the family fun.

Besides allowing for pet accommodations, there are also plenty of pet-friendly activities to enjoy in the area. Of course, Fido is always welcome on a nature hike through the vast timberland forests near your cabin rental. You can also walk your pet around town and even take him mini-golfing with you at the Alpine Helen Miniature Golf Course!

You’ll find that many of the local restaurants feature outdoor dining and allow your dog to sit outside with you on the deck or patio.

5. Things To Do Around Helen Georgia Cabin Rental

Besides indulging in a luxurious cabin, there are many outdoor activities to experience and enjoy. With thousands of acres of natural forests, you and your family or friends can go on an adventurous fall hiking trip to admire the beautiful foliage. If you are looking for adventure in the Peach state among the Appalachian Mountains, you won’t go wrong exploring the beautiful, breathtaking hiking trails.

Helen, Georgia, is located among some of the area’s most glorious waterfalls. 

If you go for a day in the town of Helen, there are galleries and shops peppered along Highway 197. This scenic highway has beautiful views, so bring your camera if you want to capture them to share with others back home. With outlet stores, restaurants, and other local area attractions, your vacation will be abundantly full. Helen also offers its residents and visitors one of the most prolonged Oktoberfest celebrations in the country.

There are mountain biking trails for the beginner and advanced riders in Unicoi State Park. A short drive from our cabins, the park offers campsites, fishing docks, summer boat rentals, and a variety of hiking trails.

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