Georgia Vacation Rentals – A Value Guide

Traveling to the many great Georgia vacation rentals spots doesn’t have to break the bank. Sure, vacations may seem like a luxury, especially in today’s economy, but there are many ways to travel economically and still enjoy time away from your busy life. Choosing a cabin rental over a hotel or motel is one of the best ways to get away for a little less and still have a fantastic getaway.

Vacation Value

Renting a cabin in Georgia has several key value advantages for travelers including:

  • Skip the Airport: The cost to fly keeps going up with airline fees and rising fuel prices, and the hassles of the airport from long lines to security checkpoints make flying a headache. Save money by staying close to home and driving to a nearby location such as the northern Appalachian foothills. The scenery will leave you breathless and you’ll be relaxing on your vacation in just a few hours instead of losing an entire day at the airport.
  • Eat Smart: One of the largest expenses for any vacation is food. Dining out for every meal quickly adds up and can mean extra pounds around the middle when vacation is over. However, choosing one of the Georgia Cabin Rentals means you will have a gourmet kitchen at your disposal. Rather than spending money on breakfast, coffee, picnics, and other meals, you can enjoy home-cooked food when you want it.
  • Timing is Everything: When planning your vacation, consider looking for local events you can take advantage of for free. Georgia maintains a tourism website with information on a wide variety of events around the state. For example, you can take a sunset stroll along the Chattahoochee River or visit Civil War historical sites from a canoe.
  • The Call of Nature: Choosing a vacation rental within a short drive from natural locations also helps save money. Taking vacations to big cities means putting out big money for everything from coffee to a newspaper. But getting out into nature doesn’t cost a dime. Enjoy a hike, a float in a raft, mountain biking, or simply take in the views from your cabin’s deck.

River Wilds Cabin living

  • Luxury Cabins in North Georgia: In addition to saving money on transportation, food, and entertainment, travelers who choose cabin rentals enjoy a wide range of amenities a hotel simply can’t match. Pool tables, hot tubs, scenic views, and outdoor patios and decks are just some of the amenities cabin rental offers, all for less than you would spend on a hotel.
There’s nothing like touring the many Georgia vacation rentals spots this state has to offer. By choosing a cabin rental, you can get more for your money and get to take a vacation you might have thought unaffordable.