Fun Things to Do In Georgia

The summer is coming up on the halfway point and most families are looking for cheap and fun things to do.

This park has really upgraded and just last month added this new ride that could be a fun adventure.  I personally can not stomach roller coasters and you could not get me on one to save my life but for you folks that enjoy, have at it.

Let’s go to the other end of the spectrum and just chill.

Fun is obviously in the eye of the beholder.  Normally, the younger generation wants to thrill seek for their fun and us big kids just want our fun to be with family and friends; to kick back and enjoy and take in the surroundings.  So fun things in Georgia are all up to you.   There is so much to choose from in our great state. Here are 2810 things to do in Georgia and they can be broken down almost anyway you like.Allure cabin

So we showed you the base of the falls.  Here is a pic if you want to truck the 1/2 mile up to the real deal.  This will take you on an upward path so you will huff and puff a bit but you will be able to afford some treats at the base camp when you reach the bottom.

Do not cheat and go to the base camp for treats before your exercise.  So you don’t think that was funny, watch this for a laugh since we are talking about fun, we may as well laugh a little.

Of course we can not round out your fun if we do not accommodate you on your evening place to relax and unwind.  Come in Georgia with us in one of these beautiful Helen GA cabin rentals.