Finding The Beauty In The Cabins Near Helen GA

Cabins near Helen, GA provide guests a secluded getaway in the heart of the North Georgia mountains. Many guests who seek a cabin rental in Helen, GA so in an effort to escape their everyday lives; finding relaxation and rejuvenation while marveling at the beauty of the local landscape. Since every cabin is different, with a unique location and one of a kind features, each guest’s experience is special. However, all cabins allows guests to experience the most beautiful parts of the North Georgia mountains.

What do you think is the most beautiful part of North Georgia?

waterfallsTumbling Waterfalls

The rivers of North Georgia run through a mountain landscape perfectly created for waterfalls. The cabins near Helen, GA put you in the heart of waterfall country amid the peaceful mountain landscape.

  • Falls on Jones Creek Two very different falls are created by Jones Creek about 18 miles North of Dahlonega. The first set of falls are three individual, parallel falls that exit a rocky cliff. The second set of falls is a long, sliding cascade into a crystal clear pool below. These falls are accessible by taking Highway 52 toward the Etowah River and then using local fire service roads.
  • Desoto Falls Located in the Chattahoochee National Forest as part of the Desoto Falls Scenic Area, this set of waterfalls is created by Frogtown Creek. These falls are easily accessed by taking US 19 north from Dahlonega past Turners Corner.
  • Wildlife Falls Cabin This cabin boasts a view of a bustling private waterfall. It sleeps ten guests in four bedrooms and the estate style would be perfect for two families to share on a vacation to the North Georgia mountains. Your early morning cup of coffee would be perfect enjoyed aside the backyard waterfall.
Mountain Views

Northern Georgia is known for its incredible landscape and beautiful mountain views. Although you can experience the mountain beauty from any of the cabins near Helen, GA there are certain spots that provide the most remarkable views.

  • Walasi-yi Center at Neels Gap The only man-made structure that the Appalachian Trail crosses through, this historical building offers a beautiful southern mountain view. You can reach this viewing spot by driving along Highway 19-129 near Dahlonega.
  • Brasstown Bald Easily accessible via GA 180, Brasstown Bald provides guests an incredible, panoramic view of the North Georgia mountains. From this vantage point you can see in all directions and may even be able to view the tall buildings of downtown Atlanta on a clear day. There is a shuttle available to transport guests to the observation point at the top of the mountain from the parking lot below.
  • Dream Mountain Lodge This is one of the many cabins near Helen, GA that provides amazing views of the North Georgia mountains. A brand new cabin that sleeps six, the Dream Mountain Lodge is just minutes from Helen and is fully equipped for a family vacation. The large, two story deck that runs across the back of the cabin is perfectly situated for guests to enjoy the mountain views. The scenery is exceptionally beautiful in the fall months as the tree leaves change to the unmistakable vibrant hues of autumn.

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Peaceful Creeks and Rivers

Just as the North Georgia landscape is marked by waterfalls, the rivers and creeks are synonymous with the mountain beauty adjacent to cabins near Helen, GA. Whether you discover a small, babbling creek or a larger, roaring river you’re certain to fall in love with the local waters.

  • Etowah River Nearly 165 miles long, this river rises from the North Georgia mountains to welcome guests seeking refuge in the movement of a peaceful river. There are several sets of falls along the river that break up the river and provide remarkable viewing of its beauty.  At one point, 3.5 miles past Castleberry Bridge, the river disappears into a 1/4 mile abandoned mining tunnel.
  • Nottely River This river begins in the upper regions of the Chattahoochee National Forest and runs through Union County. Its gentle current is perfect for searching out a quiet cove for a picnic or an afternoon of relaxation. The Nottely River is also sought by fishermen looking for a calm river full of native fish.
  • Allure Cabin This is one of the cabins near Helen, GA that is perfect for a romantic getaway. Situated along a clear babbling creek the one bedroom cabin is an ideal location for some alone time in the North Georgia mountains. The secluded back porch houses a hot tub that can be used throughout the year for ultimate relaxation.

What would your first stop be for viewing the beauty of the North Georgia mountains?