Don’t Forget Your Hiking Shoes When Visiting Cabins In Helen Ga

Why do so many people choose to vacation in a cabin in Helen each year? The gorgeous scenery, plentiful attractions, welcoming locals, and numerous outdoor activities are all huge draws for travelers. But don’t fool yourself into thinking that you have to be a rugged outdoor enthusiast in order to enjoy the area. Helen and its surrounding cities all boast plentiful trails for hikers of all ages and abilities. So regardless of whether you’re looking for a challenging hike, or you’d rather find an easier trail that will still enable you to take in the sights and sounds of Georgia, you’ll find it near your cabin. Here’s a quick guide to finding the right hiking trails for you and don’t forget your hiking shoes when visiting cabins in Helen GA.

An Easy Trailtrail running

Westland Loop Trail – Smithgall Woods is home to this fun, .55 mile loop. It’s a fairly easy hike that will take you past a beaver pond and onto a boardwalk where you can watch various waterfowl at play, and search for frogs with your children. If you’re really interested in these fascinating amphibians, be sure to stop by the visitor’s center before hiking so that you can obtain a copy of “The Frogs of Smithgall Woods” guide and learn how to identify frogs by their distinct calls.

A Challenging Hike 

New Appalachian Approach – For a full day of hiking and exercise, head to this 8.5 mile trail in Amicalola Falls State Park. You’ll start at the base of the falls before climbing the falls corridor, scaling 604 steps to the top of the waterfall, and proceeding onward into the wilderness. This hike is extremely beautiful but also very rigorous.

A Trail for Animal Lovers

Martin’s Mine Trail – This path is located in Smithgall Woods State Park, which is just a stone’s throw away from your cabin rental. The trail has been rated as “easy to moderate” in difficulty, so is suitable for less experienced hikers or families with children, and the wooded area is filled with native wildlife like deer and foxes. During the .9 mile loop, you will cross a wooden bridge that will take you across Duke’s creek and to a vertical shaft that stands as a part of northern GA’s gold mining history. This spot is well known as a bat habitat, so have your camera ready to snap a photo as these winged creatures hang upside down to sleep by day. If you choose to hike at dusk, you may be able to score a shot of one or more bats in flight.Enchantment Cabin living

The “Must List” for All Hikers

There are a few trails that you simply cannot miss. Here are the “musts”:

  • Anna Ruby Falls Trail – One of the most popular hiking trails in the area, Anna Ruby Falls Trail is located in Unicoi State Park, and is aptly named after the twin cascade that it leads to. The path is half a mile long and conveniently takes visitors from the parking lot right to the base of Anna Ruby Falls. The trail is paved, making it ideal for those who aren’t fond of rugged paths, or for individuals with handicaps. Ultimately, the trail will take you to two observation decks that will provide you with excellent views of the falls. If you’re up for more of a challenge, you can also continue along the 4.6 mile trail that proceeds deeper into Unicoi State Park.
  • Tallulah Gorge Floor Access Trail – At two miles long and 1,000 feet deep, Tallulah Gorge is sizable canyon with incredible views. Although there are numerous rim trails, getting to hike the floor of the canyon is quite the experience. To reach the bottom, most hikers take the 600-step Hurricane Falls Staircase and simply enjoy the views, although extreme adventurists may also choose to proceed onward down a 2.5 miles round-trip trail that is extremely rugged, filled with rocks and boulders. Be advised that dogs are not allowed on the gorge floor or the stairs, and that you must obtain a free access permit from the Interpretive Center. In order to get a permit, you must be wearing proper footwear, meaning no flip-flops, sandals, or crocs. Only 100 permits are issued each day, so it’s wise to arrive early during peak season.
  • West Ridge Falls Access Trail – A short, .3 mile path, this trail will offer some of the most incredible views of Amicalola Falls, As the tallest cascade East of the Mississippi, this is not to be missed. This path is handicap accessible, but you may choose to proceed on to climb up several hundred stairs to a viewing platform, or climb all 604 steps to the top.

Which hiking trails will you visit when you stay in Helen?