Choosing Between a Dog-Friendly Hotel or Cabin Rental

Owning a pet is great. They bring love and companionship and enrich a person’s life. But, traveling with Fido often presents complications leaving pet owners in a quandary over what to do. Hire a pet sitter? Book a room and choose between a dog-friendly hotel or a cabin rental.

Pet sitters and hotels are OK options, but a better option is to choose from among several Helen Ga cabin rentals ready to welcome four-legged friends for a vacation getaway.

The standard option for most pet owners has been to book rooms in pet-friendly hotels when visiting Helen, GA, and several hotels are ready to accommodate furry guests. Hotels are conveniently located in and around town. They provide several amenities such as valets, room service, housekeeping, and often pools or gyms. Some hotels even offer small kitchenettes. Many people enjoy staying in hotels as a treat to themselves or to enjoy a retreat from home.Inspiration Cabin

pet dogHowever, hotel rooms have several downsides for dog owners. Dogs may find the rooms too small or confining, and dogs may have to remain on a leash. Owners must be prepared to take their dogs out of the room often enough to give the pet enough exercise and fresh air. Hotels also sometimes require a hefty pet deposit to protect the establishment in case the pet damages the room in any way. Pet owners also must consider how much noise their pet may make and take care the pet does not disturb other hotel patrons.

North GA cabin rentals and vacation homes provide a much better option for pet owners. There are several cabins available to rent in the area that welcome pets and pet owners for a minor $25 fee. A vacation cabin rental has several benefits for pet owners.

First, pets will have plenty of room to move around both inside and outside without a leash. This gives both the pet and the pet owner more freedom of choice in their vacation activities. Second, pets will enjoy the home environment a cabin offers. Because cabins have fully equipped kitchens, owners can easily store and prepare food or medication for pets. Pet owners also will not have to worry about their dogs disturbing neighbors. We recommend cabins that have all hardwood and tile surfaces. These surfaces are easy to bring back to new conditions if your pet is shedding.

When visiting Helen GA cabin rentals allow pet-owning vacationers flexibility, freedom, and the opportunity for a lot of fun. Bringing pets along on vacation puts owners at ease knowing a loved member of their family is comfortable and able to enjoy the getaway just as much as their owners.