Cheap Cabin Rentals In North Georgia Or Luxury Cabins

When you think of cheap cabin rentals in North Georgia, how often does affordable luxury come to mind? When you see all the amenities and extras that come with North Georgia luxury cabin rentals and compare them to the expenses of a traditional vacation, you’ll find that your pocketbook loves the great outdoors.

Traditional Vacation Expenses

When you go on vacation, you can generally expect the following expenses:

  • Lodging (the nicer the room, the higher the rate)
  • Parking (some hotels charge to garage your vehicle or don’t offer guest parking)
  • Three meals per day at restaurants (not all hotels offer a full or continental breakfast)
  • Admission fees for attractions

While the four major expense categories may not seem like much, take into consideration one of the largest expenses—meals. Usually, the least expensive meals at a no-frills diner are around $8. If you’re on a getaway for two, you can expect to spend at least $16 per meal, plus taxes and gratuity. At a minimum, expect to spend at least $60 a day on food. Ouch.

What You Can Expect from an Affordable Cabin Rental

Cheap cabin rentals in North Georgia may not sound like they offer much, but guests love the:

  • Home-away-from-home accommodations
  • Provided bedding and linens
  • Full kitchen
  • Pots, pans, and other cooking essentials
  • Full sets of plates, flatware, and glassware
  • High-speed Internet
  • High-definition TV with surround sound
  • Hot tubs and Jacuzzi baths
  • Oversized showers
  • Pet-friendly options
  • Game tables
  • Views from every room
  • Short walk to nearby creeks, trails rivers, and waterfalls

How a Cabin Rental Saves You Moneysave money

The luxuries offered at cheap cabin rentals in North Georgia may seem like they cost a pretty penny. When you break down the expenses, you’ll actually save money because:

  • You don’t have to pay for any restaurant meals. Since affordable cabins in North Georgia have a full kitchen, you can make all your own meals.
  • You’ll experience more savings if more people stay with you. There are cabins with up to five rooms, so bring your family or friends along and split the bill.
  • You don’t have to leave the cabin to have fun. Cheap cabin rentals in north Georgia place you in the middle of a tranquil environment where you can take a dip in the nearby waters, hike along trails, and observe nature from the deck.
  • If you do want to explore, affordable attractions that are close by include golfing, fishing, hiking, zip-line tours, horseback riding, canoeing, gold panning, and whitewater rafting.

When you think of affordable luxury, what do you imagine? The next time you think of cheap cabin rentals in North Georgia, remember that “cheap” doesn’t mean “run-down.” Instead, picture yourself in a luxury cabin that provides you with all the amenities of a five-star hotel at a fraction of the cost.