Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals: A Year In Review

Since 2006, Cedar Creek mission to help people rest and recharge, has provided the ideal cabin retreat for over 23,000 couples, families and groups. Over the last 9 months, Cedar Creek intentionally improved the cabin experience, grown the team, and executed standard maintenance actions. The following list are the highlights of what we have worked on to improve your future stay with us.

Cabin Crew Updates
  • Our maintenance team has increased to three highly skilled crews, allowing us the ability to fix more issues quicker.
  • We now have seven cabin cleaning teams to provide you with a clean and comfortable environment when you arrive.
  • Living in the mountains of Helen Georgia, bugs can be found. We want to make sure these bugs stay out of the cabins, so we partnered with the Robert Jones Pest Control company to help control the pests and bees around the cabins.
  • Our cabin yards are now maintained by our newly improved lawn service.
Cabin Improvements
  • Our efforts to become more energy-efficient led to us installing NEST thermostats in over half of the cabins. In these cabins, we now know when there is a conditioning issue with a Cabin remotely.
  • Lights are more reliable with more than half of the cabins equipped with LED lights. They last longer and are more energy-efficient.
  • Tankless water heaters are now installed in our cabins. This provides you with unlimited hot water and removes the wait for hot tubs to heat up when we refill them for your stay.
  • Fearful of losing your cabin keys? Fear not, we have now installed key-less entry on our cabins.
  • Marked light switches are now easier to use. No more wondering what each switch does.
  • Many of our cabins have indoor electric grills & HD TVs.
  • Concrete drives were poured and gravel driveways improved.
  • We are actively updating the website to improve the user experience. Our goal is to make it easier to use, and more resourceful for planning your trip.

Hickory Wood Cabin living

Cabin Maintenance Updates
  • We now execute full inspections of our cabins. This has recently resulted in re-painting, bleaching and grouting to improve your cabin experience.
  • Many of our hot tubs have new parts. They are fully functional with spare parts immediately available, should they require repairs at any time.
  • Over fifty percent of the cabins have been re-painted on the outside.
  • For our worn down floors, we have sanded and refinished them.
  • We have stocked commonly needed parts for quicker repairs.
  • The crew inspected our HVAC units and repaired them for optimal use.
  • As expected, our towels and sheets are new.