Love Mom on Mother's Day in the North Georgia Mountains

Photo Credit: Jordan Whitt via Unsplash
Moms give us life, and we really should be grateful from that point on, right?

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Hike The Beautiful Raven Cliff Falls with Loved Ones

Helen Georgia's attractions are countless. From the German-style shops in town, to the scenic Georgia mountains, there is never a shortage of things to do. The area is also the perfect setting for seeing stunning waterfalls, one of nature's most beautiful wonders.

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The Closest Mountain Cabin Rentals to Vacation from Florida

Are you looking for the best mountaintop experience near Florida? If so, the mountains of Helen, Georgia are the place for you to go. In fact, the closest mountain to Florida is Mount Yonah near Helen, GA sitting at 3,143 feet above sea level. Climb up Mount Yonah and experience views that rival any other range on the East coast.  

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7 Simple Reasons You Need a Romantic Getaway in Georgia

Millions of people have discovered the incredible natural beauty, and charming local architecture of Helen, and you can too! Whether you and your special someone are nature lovers - or just lovers - Helen has something to entice everyone!

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Let's Hide Away In A Cabin In The Woods

Have you ever wanted to just get away to a place where no one would think to look for you?There are people that dream about going to that place. Popular vacation spots are just that -- popular. Everyone thinks about going to the same place for a get away. The normal spots seem to be Hawaii, the Bahamas or even Paris, France.

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Spend Spring Break At A Luxury Mountain Cabin

Looking for a spring break trip that is different than the typical beach vacation might consider a luxury mountain cabin rental instead.  With plenty of outdoor activities to stay busy , a luxury cabin provides a restorative vacation that is enjoyed by most people.

Whether solitude and quiet is the goal of the vacation, or active, outdoor adventures are desired, spending spring break at a luxury mountain cabin is something most students don't think about.  With hiking trails, horseback riding, mountain climbing, tubing and panning for gold, a vacation out in the wilderness is a great spring break adventure to think about.

Being outdoors in nature is relaxing and restores the soul.  The quiet sounds of area waterfalls, sitting around the campfire at night and walks through the woods along a nature trail are all ways to relax and rejuvenate.

Unplug from technology and take time to sit back and breathe.   The average person has difficulty dealing with the stress of every day life.  From cell phone to laptop computers and tablets, we are always plugged into technology and the constant interruptions in our lives is stressful.  

In order to reconnect with nature, and find inner peace, it's important to take a break once in awhile and unplug from all technology.  Go for a walk without being interrupted by a cell phone and go mountain climbing for the pure joy of it.  Getting out in nature is one of the best activities we can all do for ourselves, but so often we don't take the time to do so. Being able to let go of technology in order to reconnect with nature is a wonderful gift a person can give to their own spirit. Learning how to mountain climb or ride a horse will create more memories of spring break than any average beach vacation.

Our cabins do offer high-speed WiFi and cable for those that have spent the day outside in the fresh air and now want to take a break surfing the internet or watching a good movie.  It's all about balance when a spring break is planned and all the comforts of home are here minus the distractions of work.

Stress has very negative effects on the body.  When a person is stressed, they may exhibit high blood pressure, difficulty sleeping and problems with mood.  Being stressed out can cause headaches, body aches, anxiety and depression.  Planning a vacation out in the fresh air is a positive step to gaining back a healthy outlook on life.

Enjoy cooking both indoors and out when you stay at a cabin out in the woods.  With all the amenities of home, luxury cabins come with outdoor fire pits, full kitchens, hot tubs and BBQ grills.  

Surrounded by nature in the middle of the woods, the pure relaxation found in the luxury cabins is unmatched by almost anywhere.  A short car ride away are plenty of activities for vacationers who enjoy a more adventurous vacation.  It is possible to go climb a mountain, go fishing and then return home to cook out on the grill, all on the same day.

With an outdoor vacation, it's all about enjoying the time without feeling rushed.  We spend enough of our days following a rigorous schedule, running from activity to activity and always trying to fit in one more thing.

By spending a vacation outdoors, people find that they are able to let go of stress in ways they are unable to at home.  Letting go is the key to any successful vacation, and finding new experiences is simply an added bonus.

Spending time in nature and avoiding the rush of everyday life will renew anyone's outlook on life.  A positive attitude can be cultivated by enjoying the simple things in life, but sometimes that positive outlook is hard to maintain.  Listening to the birds chirp in the morning while sipping a steaming mug of coffee seems to put all things back into perspective.

Relax, renew and rejuvenate with a vacation out in the middle of the North Georgia Mountains. 

Rent Helen GA Cabin

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Live In Luxury When You Visit Beautiful Helen!

We like to say that Helen, GA is one of the most unique tourist destinations in the country. With our unmatched mix of outdoor adventures, natural wonders, historical landmarks, and fine shopping and dining, there's nothing quite like a trip to Helen. If you come visit at the right times, you can even see our world-famous Oktoberfest, or our annual hot air balloon races, both among the biggest in the country.

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Explore The Helen Area Wine Country In Style!

For eight thousand years, when people thought of "wine," they thought of Georgia!

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Come Enjoy The "Perks" Of Helen's Coffee Shops!

As one of the top tourist destinations in the Southeastern US, Helen, Georgia, offers an amazing range of locally-crafted artisan food shops... including some of the best coffee you're likely to find anywhere in the state!

If all you've had lately is Starbucks' burnt brews, perhaps it's a time for a trip north to find out what great coffee really tastes like!

Finding The Perfect Cup 'o Joe In Helen, Georgia

JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters

We don't like to play favorites, but if you asked us which coffee shop we frequent when we're taking in the scenery of downtown Helen, it would have to be the JumpinGoat.

The JumpinGoat isn't just a cafe - it's run by people who are passionate about coffee! Every bean they stock is hand-picked from AA-rated single-source suppliers around the world, from Colombia to Ethiopia. With those as a starting point, it's hardly a surprise that the Goat's custom blends are famous across the area, with people stopping into Helen just for a bag of their roasts.

If coffee is too strong for your tastes, they also stock an equally-impressive range of worldwide artisan teas and chocolates, along with all the equipment needed to make a perfect cup. Whether you stay inside their quaint cottage, or enjoy the mountain views from their open-air seating, the Goat is an experience to remember.

A trip to Helen just isn't complete without a stop by the JumpinGoat.

Muller's Famous Cafe

Sometimes you need more than just a cup of coffee. For a quick snack and pick-me-up, there are few better choices in Helen than Muller's Famous Cafe.

Muller's is family-owned, and specializes in authentic German and Czech recipes straight from the Old World. They're best-known for their amazing fried cheese, which goes perfectly with a smooth cup of white coffee. Their range of traditional deserts includes strudels and the best crepes in Helen!

They also brew their own tea on-site, as part of their cozy and home-like atmosphere. A brunch or mid-afternoon meal at Muller's is a prefect break from your Helen experience.

Higher Ground

The Higher Ground Coffeehouse is a local Helen institution, one that's often overlooked by tourists. Honestly, we don't mind - that just means more of their amazing Bee Stings for ourselves! The Higher Ground's signature drink is a mouth-watering mixture of espresso, milk, vanilla, and plenty of locally-sourced honey.

If you stopped by just to get one to go, we wouldn't blame you.

Higher Ground also offers a fine range of frozen beverages, including fresh fruit smoothies made directly from local produce. It it's too warm for coffee, the Higher Ground still has you covered with some of the most delicious iced drinks in town.

It might not be as flashy as some of the larger shops, but an hour spent relaxing at the Higher Ground can recharge you for the rest of your day!

Sweetwater Coffeehouse

Located just a few miles away in the Village of Sautee, Sweetwater is another bold coffee-sipping opportunity nestled beneath the Appalachian Mountains.

What makes Sweetwater different is that as many of their ingredients as possible are sourced locally - even the milk! The water that goes into their coffee is clean and pure mountain stream water, which has never seen the inside of a chemical-laden city treatment plant.

The result is some of the best coffee in the area, in a cozy little cafe that's made for relaxation. The staff is friendly and helpful, but laid-back. They won't be hovering over you pushing for more sales. And if you want to borrow a deck of cards and spend the afternoon in a quiet game, that's great too!

Hofer's of Helen

From the outside, Hofer's of Helen looks like something out of a storybook, especially in the winter. Their high-peaked Bavarian roofs, balcony views, and decorated trees take an old-world cafe and move it into the new world!

Inside, it's one of Helen's best-loved dining establishments, with a full range of German-inspired foods and beverages. There's even a full biergarten! Their on-site bakery stocks an incredible range of goodies, from cakes to traditional Oktoberfest pretzels, making the perfect accompaniment to their hot drinks.

In fact, if you stop in at Hofer's for a mid-afternoon cup, you might even find yourself staying for their dinner course! (Did we mention there's live music at the biergarten almost every night?)

Good Things Are Brewing In Helen

It's easy to overlook the coffee shops when you're hungry in Helen, but you're missing out if you do! Whether you're living in luxury for a few days in a mountain cabin, or just here for the day, a cup of Helen coffee is bound to perk you up!   

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Tempting Your Taste Buds While Enjoying A Luxury Mountain Get-A-Way!

What could be more exciting than a beautiful mountain cabin view? Pairing it with the savory smells coming from the grill, your adventure has just began. It's time to put on your apron and clean off your grill because with warmer weather right around the corner means cooking outdoors! While you wait for summer fruits and vegetables to come in season, we've rounded up some recipes that will take you straight into summer! So, tie on that apron and enjoy a healthy meal with a beautiful view from your luxury cabin!

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