Best Spots to Relax in the Georgia Mountains

When was the last time you were on a horse? How about rock climbing or white water rafting? When was the last time you woke up to a deer nibbling on a bush outside your window or a squirrel sitting on that window ledge peeking in on you?  Have you ever in your life woke to a babbling brook or cool breeze coming from the mountains? And, if for some reason you do wake up and hear birds singing, water flowing, and that deer or two within vision range, it would be a safe bet that you just may be in one of our beautiful North Georgia cabins. While the cabins are warm and cozy, it certainly would benefit you to travel around the area and fill up your days with fun you wouldn’t normally find in the city. Doesn’t it seem surreal that anything this beautiful could be at your fingertips?
So, if you have one week or two afforded to you for a vacation, why not take advantage of one of our North Georgia cabin rentals?  It’s a promise that the time spent with us will not be long enough.  Here you’re surrounded by things to do that perhaps you have never done before, whether on the cabin’s property or enjoying activities nearby.
Tranquility Cabin living

Take horseback riding at Sunburst Stables, just a short distance in Clarksville.  This is one place where if you fall off that horse, you will have the time to get back on again and do it right.  Hiking!  Camping! Bird watching!  Wow!  Each second here is full of excitement and wonder.

Why not start your day off cooling down at the Southeastern Expeditions where you can go white water rafting?  Then, when you’re fresh and cool…how about rock climbing?  3166 ft. of climbing and hiking at Mount Yonah should really tucker you out.  There are corn mazes for the kids in White County and even mini golf for the family.

Tired yet? There are spas and massages to take advantage of and maybe a little wine tasting in one of the local vineyards.  It’s all here when you take advantage of one of our Helen GA cabin rentals.

Build a fire, watch a sunset, fall in love all over again, or even for the first time!  Inhale the fresh air of the mountains and valleys and call our cabins ‘home’ for even the briefest visit.  And then, be assured it will not be your last.  You will look forward to a yearly getaway right back here among the mountains and rivers.  So, let’s not say, “Nice to see you”.  Let’s say, “Nice to see you again!