Avant Garde – Mountain Style – On The Closest Mountain To Florida

We have all heard that old saying: “Some people are beach people and some people are mountain people”. For those looking to escape the coast or who have those in their group who would prefer to visit the mountains before continuing down to the beaches of Florida or the Carolinas, North, GA is the best place to stop for a spell! Our cabins in Helen, GA are situated on the closest mountain to Florida, and the area is loaded with fun, interesting, and unique things to do.

Of course, there are adventurous things to try like tubing down the Chattahoochee River, or going on a zipline canopy tour, but there is much more to see and experience on the closest mountain to Florida. Helen and her surrounding towns offer rich history and one of a kind experiences. For those who find a more quirky and zany approach to a vacation appealing, you may be wondering, “What kind of unique sights can I see during my stay in the mountain cabins?” Georgia offers some of the most unusual and fun attractions you could hope to find; and here are some which are located near our cabin rental properties.

Loudermilk Boarding House Museum & Everything Elvis

Elvis fans, forget about Graceland! The Loudermilk Boarding House Museum in Cornelia, GA is home to a permanent display created by local artist Joni Mabe. Mabe proclaims herself to be an “Elvis Babe” and “Queen of the King” which may very well be the truth as she has put together an “Everything Elvis” collection that features over 30,000 Elvis items, including an Elvis Wart that was removed from his right wrist in 1958. The museum which is the largest and most unique of its kind is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records and has been featured on “Ripley’s Believe it or Not”.

Babyland General Hospital

Whether you have children in your group or you are simply looking for a walk down memory lane, nothing will stir up a bit of nostalgia and fun like the Babyland General Hospital which is located in Cleveland, Georgia. This stop which was voted as one of the Travel Channel’s Top Ten Toylands is situated on 650 acres of land on the closest mountain to Florida. Don’t be fooled by its name – this is no ordinary hospital, but rather, is a hospital for Cabbage Patch Dolls! Admission to the hospital is completely free, and as you stroll throughout the hospital you will see Mother Cabbage beneath the branches of the Magic Crystal Tree as well as thousands of Cabbage Patch Kids so that you can find your perfect match. When you take the Oath of Adoption, your children (or the little kid in you!) will be able to take home a new Cabbage Patch friend.

sleepy hollow whimsical fairy gardenSleepy Hollow – Whimsical Fairy Garden

If you are looking for a spark of magic during your trip to the closest mountain to Florida, try Sleepy Hollow’s Whimsical Fairy Garden which is located in Blairsville. This is an enchanted little world of whimsical model fairy houses, fairy doors, and other fairy-related items. These houses are designed by Arthur Millican, Jr. who is a former Disney artisan. Though the fairy houses which range from small (created from an old teapot) to the size of a shed are for sale, visitors are welcome to stop by and enjoy the enchanting gardens and mini village for free! As you stroll the grounds you will enjoy floral displays, adorable fairy playhouses, and even hobbit homes. If you’re lucky you may even spot a wood-elf tolling away as you peak through the windows of the woodworking studio.

The Gourd Place

Gourds – they’re not just for eating here on the closest mountain to Florida! This amazing museum and gift shop is located in Helen and is the oldest gourd crafting business in the entire country. In the free museum, you will find an incredible and permanent exhibit of art that was created from over 200 gourds that originated from 23 different countries. In the store, you can take your pick from a wide variety of unique and hand-crafted items which include gourds transformed into ornaments, dolls, toys, containers, masks, flower pots, utensils, puzzles, and even more!

Misty Mountain Model Railroad

Take a quick jaunt over to Blue Ridge and you can see the largest privately owned O-gauge railroad in the country! You will be amazed at all of the intricate details on this one-mile-long track.

This display literally comes misty mountain railroadto life with its realistic finishing touches, which include more than 12 bridges, 15 tunnels, and 4 trestles. There is even a six-foot-tall bridge that will rise to allow you to enter the display area and a seventeen-foot trestle that recreates Tallulah Gorge (the deepest gorge east of the Mississippi).

While the trip to Misty Mountain Model Railroad will be slightly longer than the aforementioned attractions, it is well worth the effort. Moreover, Misty Mountain is located in picturesque Blairsville, Georgia, where there are a multitude of unique attractions available; some of which you just may want to add to your itinerary.

What strikes your interest, when visiting the Beautiful Georgia mountains? Don’t miss out on any of these quirky and fun attractions on the closest mountain to Florida!