Amicalola Falls: The Missing Touch To Perfect Vacation Cabins

Do you know what the ingredients for creating the perfect northern Georgia vacation? First, you need a destination where there are plenty of activities for everyone in your group to enjoy. Secondly, you need the perfect travel accommodations. But then there’s that missing ingredient. What would make your trip truly complete? The answer is one of the seven natural wonders of Georgia: Amicalola Falls.

Because of this, our near-to Amicalola Falls cabins in entertainment-rich Helen, GA are the end result of your dream vacation recipe. Here we will explore how the combination of our cabins and the beauty of Amicalola Falls can help you create a vacation that you and your family will remember fondly for years to come.

Ingredient #1 – Fun For Everyone

The first step in planning your perfect vacation is by ensuring that everyone in your group will have a great time. There is no place in the world like Helen, GA for providing fun and excitement for everyone. History lovers will enjoy the rich past of northern Georgia including the legends of the Cherokee and Chickasaw tribes and the Georgia moonshiners of days gone by. Learn about the first location of the American gold rush and other fun facts while visiting the nearby, Dahlonega Gold Museum.

Nature enthusiasts will get their kicks by hiking the many trails in the area of our nearby Amicalola Falls cabins as well as by Bird watching or mountain biking. Adventure junkies will get their fix by going on a zip line tour, trying their hand at white water rafting, or mountain climbing.

Couples will bond as they visit Habersham Winery, try a day spa, or go antiquing. And everyone can enjoy some of Helen’s most popular attractions like tubing or horseback riding. There’s no other place in the world quite like Helen, GA. When you visit our adjacent-to Amicalola Falls cabins, you’ll find that you have more fun than you’ve ever experienced on another vacation cabin rentals near amicalola fallsin the past.

Ingredient #2 – A Great Place to Stay

Once you’ve found the perfect vacation destination, you’ve got to find a great place to stay. Why mar an otherwise spectacular trip with the memory of being crowded in a hotel room and bickering over who has to share a bed with whom?

When you chose to stay in our nearby Amicalola Falls cabins, you will find that your getaway is much more enjoyable. Not only will everyone have their own space and privacy, but there will also be common areas where you and your group can enjoy all of the cabin’s amenities together. Imagine soaking in your own private hot tub, grilling up your catch-of-the-day around your fire pit, playing a round of pool or Foosball in your game room, or watching a movie together as your fireplace crackles in the background.

The perks to staying in a cabin rental are limitless, and the price is right. If you looked at the prices of our luxury rentals and compared them to an average hotel room, you would be shocked. The prices are very comparable (and in some cases, cheaper), and you actually get more bang for your buck. It’s because of this that our close-to Amicalola Falls cabins are truly a no brainer.

The Missing Ingredient: Amicalola Falls

So you’ve got your vacation destination in mind and you know where you are going to stay. Does it still feel like something is missing? That’s because you haven’t planned a day trip to Amicalola Falls yet!

This popular attraction is an absolute must for those who are visiting our near-to Amicalola Falls cabins. All it takes is just a short drive south of the Alpine village of Helen and you will arrive at Amicalola Falls State Park – home of the highest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi.

The park itself is stunning and offers its visitors numerous trails to visit and explore in order to get the full Georgia experience. But the crowning gem of the park is Amicalola Falls itself.

Visitors with handicaps that render them unable to experience the falls up close will still be able to view the spectacular sight from a ramp at the bottom of the falls, but if you are able to do so, it is strongly recommended that you make the trek up the 175 stairs to the first viewing platform. From here, you will be afforded some truly amazing views and photo opportunities. Of course, from here you have the option of hiking up an additional 425 steps. If you feel confident that you can make it to the top, you will be heavily rewarded with incredible views.

When you’re done at the park, be sure to stop by Amicalola Deer Park (across the road). Get up close and personal with wildlife as you visit the beautiful animals there.

Have you visited Amicalola Falls in the past? Share your experiences and photos with our future visitors in the comments section!