Amicalola Falls Is The Ultimate Romance Destination

Searching for a romantic mountain getaway with that special someone is a rather easy task when your destination is in the North Georgia Mountains. Located in Dawson County, Amicalola Falls is the perfect spot to rekindle love and rediscover the natural beauty of the great outdoors.

Amicalola is a Cherokee word meaning “tumbling waters,” which is very fitting considering Amicalola Falls is the tallest cascading waterfall in the Southeastern United States.  Surrounding the waterfall are 829 acres of picturesque scenery and trails. The “spray zone” is the nearby area that attracts rare plants and animals that can only exist in humid conditions. Amicalola Falls supports a variety of aquatic life and offers a ton of fishing opportunity for trout in seasonally stocked watercourses.

For those that love to hike, Amicalola trails offer a great way to soak up the majestic mystique of this beautiful state park. Longer trails and waterfall attractions are found at Black Rock Mountain, Cloudland Canyon and Vogel.  There are hundreds of different bird species in Georgia, including bald eagles, ruby throated hummingbirds and redwing blackbirds. Nearby attractions also include the Dahlonega Gold Museum and the Appalachian Trail.

Mountain top lodges and cabins are very popular with guests who prefer the comforts of a hotel, but require more of the aminities of home. With full kitchens,open living areas and private bedrooms; cabins tend to spark appeal to a broarder range of people. While cottages and campgrounds attract the more rustic visitor. Some notable places are:

  • The Lodge at Amicalola is perfectly positioned atop the 729 foot falls. This setting offers a perfect location for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Cavender Creek Cabins are a cozy and comfortable place to snuggle after a long day outdoors.
 Discover all that the north Georgia mountains have to offer. Helen is a destination full of wondrous natural beauty and romance that can create life-long memories.