5 Ways To Satisfy Your Appetite At Restaurants In Helen, GA

Choosing restaurants in Helen GA can be somewhat of a challenge. Will they serve something that everyone in your group will enjoy? Though cellphone and tablet applications can enable you to search for restaurants in Helen GA, this can often lead to stress and arguments as everyone tries to agree upon a place to eat at the last minute. So why not make plans before you leave for your vacation? Here are five great restaurants and ways to satisfy your appetite in Helen GA for you to familiarize yourself with that are all near to our luxury cabins.

1.  The Troll Tavern

troll tavern

Located “On the River, Under the Bridge”, the Troll Tavern is situated right in the heart of downtown Helen. This delightful bar and grill serves up delicious dishes to please any palette, as well as offering alcoholic beverages for those who would like to unwind after a fun and busy day outside taking in the sights and sounds of northern Georgia. The health conscious members of your party will appreciate a selection of mouth watering salads that are lower in calories. For your entree you can decide between traditional German dishes or going the All American route. Bratwurst and Schnitzel platters will complete the experience of being in an Alpine village during your visit to Helen. Or, if you prefer, you can stick with a classic burger, yummy sandwiches and wraps, or even a steak dinner. Complete your meal with a slice of scrumptious pie or cheesecake. Everyone will walk away satisfied!

2. Nacoochee Grill

Looking for restaurants that are refined yet affordable? The Nacoochee Grill is the self-proclaimed premier live wood fire grill in all of northern Georgia. The restaurant is actually a rural northern Georgia farmhouse that was built in the early 1900s by the Leaf Community. The farmhouse turned restaurant was donated to the Nacoochee Village and was transported to its present location for both restoration and preservation. Today, the facility is used to serve up hungry locals and visitors like yourself! If you are a fan of seafood, you simply cannot visit Georgia without trying the famous Nacoochee Valley Crabcakes which are made with fresh lump crab meat. You and your group may have a hard time choosing from delightful baby back ribs, succulent steaks, flavorful fish, and rich deserts. You can enjoy your meal even more when you take it in with a glass of wine from Habersham Winery.Whispering Waters Cabin

3. The Old Bavarian Inn

If you are hoping to find restaurants that stay tried and true to the theme of old world Germany and authentic Bavarian lifestyle, The Old Bavarian Inn is the perfect spot for you. Everything from the appetizers to the dessert will delight your taste buds with true German flavors. You may choose to start off your meal with German Potato Pancakes, baked pretzels, beer battered onion rings, and more! For those cooler afternoons , you can enjoy a hot bowl of Hungarian Goulash or Potato Leek soup. Entrees include Bavarian delights like goulash, sausages, bratwurst, and pork chops. For those who are perhaps not so daring or prefer American fares, there are also delightful options like Polish hot dogs, Rueben Sandwiches, and salads as well as a selection of traditional American foods like trout, steak, and chicken. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Bavarian meal without an ice cold German beer to go with it!

4. Hofer’s Bakery & Cafe

Whether you are just craving some baked goods or would like to sit down and enjoy a meal in a relaxed and casual environment, Hofer’s Bakery & Cafe is one of the most delightful little restaurants in Helen. The bakery was founded in 1973 by the Hofers who originated from Scwabach Germany, meaning that you will receive a truly authentic German flavor when you visit their bakery and cafe. Early risers will love Hofer’s hot breakfasts which include Belgian waffles, eggs, and fresh baked bagels. When you are hungry for lunch or dinner, be sure to try one of Hofer’s mouth watering grilled ham and swiss or homemade turkey sandwiches. In fact, there are a huge variety of tasty sandwiches to try on fresh baked rye bread, buns, croissants, and more. Their bestseller, however, is of course the Rueben sandwich! The cafe also specializes in pork roast, bratwurst, Rainbow trout, and many others.

5. Your Cabin

Not to be overlooked, your cabin is actually the perfect spot to get together with your loved ones and enjoy a meal without spending extra money at the restaurants. Your cabin getaway is fully equipped with a modern kitchen and all of the utensils you need to whip up something tasty together, or even prepare your catch of the day from a fishing adventure.

So, what’s for dinner?