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If you want to feel like a kid again, you will find that the treehouse properties let you relive the magic of childhood memories while appealing to your grown-up tastes. Top of the Line offers lodging experiences you would not soon forget.

This charming modern treehouse is nestled amongst the trees on the property against a gentle hillside and accessed by a well-fortified bridge. Look way below as in 75 feet down and enjoy the sounds of the creek below. It is truly spectacular and is something you will not want to leave.

The cabin provides excellent accommodation for two adults and one child. Lie back on the king-sized bed. After a day of enjoying excursions, relax under the hot shower where you have an amazing view of the outside thanks to its one-way mirrored window.

Inside the room you will find panoramic scenery – the living room has large and high windows for you to view outside and for ample natural lighting.

A kitchen filled with all the necessities and a comfy yet luxurious lounge area lets guests feel right at home in their treetop escape. The full bath is cozy but provides everything you need to freshen up including a walk-in shower, hot tub, and an inside jacuzzi tub. The sleeping loft has a full-size futon. Listen to the amazing river sounds of the Chattahoochee River outback.

Luxury meets nature-chic in this cabin which offers an elevated lodge experience in the heart of the forest. Featuring an exclusive feature - shower up with the birds. The shower has a full-length one-way glass so that you can see the great outdoors.

Feel like changing the color of the lights? There is mood lighting in the cabin. Pick your color and even a strobe light for an even more fun experience.

There is a glass baluster railing for ultimate viewing off the back deck. Opened up to even more viewing room with additional 10 ft of full-length glass slider off the back.

When you are inside the treehouse, you will feel like being at the top of the tree as you will feel very slight movement while moving in the cabin. Due to the nature of the treehouse, those that are afraid of heights or new adventures should probably not attempt to stay at the treehouse.

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