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Posted by Tom Telford on Wed, Sep 14, 2011

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To be sure, there are lots of great things to do, places to go, and wonderful food to eat when you vacation inside Helen GA cabin rentals. If your sweet tooth is particularly Helen Ga cabins fond of delicious, rich fudge, then knowing where to find the best quality of this sticky sweet stuff in Helen should peak your interest!

You already know fudge is delectable decadence embodied in chocolate. But here are a few quick facts about fudge that may be new to you:
  • Fudge is best at room temperature, eaten soon after purchase (as if you could wait!)
  • Don't refrigerate fudge; cooling causes it to harden
  • Fudge can be kept fresh and tasty by putting it in either a Ziploc bag or an airtight container, and kept on the counter for up to a week
  • You can FREEZE fudge - first wrap securely in plastic wrap, then place in plastic freezer bag before popping into the freezer. To thaw, remove from freezer & leave sealed to thaw out - possibly up to eight hours. (Freezers may vary, so just check it once in awhile to be sure) 
  • You may already be well aware of this, but fudge fanatics LOVE receiving it as a gift!
When you stay at Helen GA cabins and find yourself craving a fudge fix, here are the best places to go to soothe your craving:
  • Hansel & Gretel Candy Kitchen, offering two Helen locations - one at 8651North Georgia Cabins North Main Street, the other at 8078 South Main Street. Featuring all manner of fudge, like Cream and Butter fudge, different flavors of slab fudge, a great variety box called "Fudge & Friends" and another titled "Pecan Lovers Delight" you're sure to find plenty of fudge to tantalize your tastebuds. Hansel & Gretel also sell caramel apples, rock candy, chocolate turtles and a whole lot more - YUM! Don't let the enticing aroma knock you out as you open the door.
  • Brookstown Fudge can be found at 8619 South Main Street. Family owned and operated since 1977, all candies are made fresh daily from the secret family recipe, using only the finest ingredients (delicious!) Just a sampling of the many mouth-watering fudge flavors here include peanut Georgia Cabin Rentals butter, chocolate pecan, cookies and cream, chocolate almond, chocolate peanut butter swirl and chocolate walnut. So beat your feet to get a scrumptious treat at Brookstown Fudge!
  • The Fudge Factory is located in Dahlonega (adjacent to Helen) at 8 North Park Street, right on the historic square. Making delectable fudge for over 25 years, The Fudge Factory offers a number of assortment boxes, gift boxes, nougats and pralines. Very involved in community charity causes, The Fudge Factory is a candy company with heart. Their online store delivers anywhere, but while you're staying in Helen, GA, get on over to Dahlonega and scarf some up right away!
So feast on fudge to your heart's content! It's sure to make your stay at the Georgia Cabin Rentals just that much sweeter!
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