Explore The North Georgia Mountain Outdoors With Hiking, Waterfalls, Biking, & Trails Around Helen Georgia

The majestic mountains in Helen has a lot to offer to visitors. Walk through thick woods and marvel at the wildlife and flora of the area. Make sure to visit a couple of the gorgeous waterfalls and take a lot of pictures. There are hiking trails and biking trails to explore and lots of other adventures to be had, including mountain climbing, zip-lining, and horseback riding.

The fresh water of the Chattahoochee river runs through downtown Helen, adding to the beauty of the city. The water is always clear and always flowing and moving, which makes it an appealing place for tourists to visit.

Check out our articles and guides below to help you make the most of your north Georgia outdoor adventure. And, be sure to retreat from the outdoors with one of our comfortable cabin rentals.

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Outdoor Adventures Abound In & Around Helen Georgia

The Helen, Georgia area is filled with opportunities to spend time in the beautiful outdoors. In this comprehensive guide, we survey many of the things you can do with friends, family, and romantic partners in the outdoors.

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Your Complete Guide To Hiking In And Around Helen Georgia

Hikers! We've put together a complete guide of the different trails and destinations you visit in the north Georgia area. We also explore hiking safety and trail etiquette.

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Hike The Beautiful Raven Cliff Falls with Loved Ones

Raven Cliff Falls is one of the commonly visited waterfalls and popular hiking in the north Georgia mountains. In this post, we explore this outdoor activity with additional tips and insights to help you make the most of it.

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Hiking In And Near The Blue Ridge Mountains

North Georgia is filled with numerous opportunities for hiking and exploring. The Blue Ridge Mountains are one of those popular and beautiful destinations. Check out the article for tips and tricks to make the most of your next trip.

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Breathtaking Leaf Changing Views Around Helen Georgia

Who doesn't love the fall views of the outdoors? In this blog post, we'll explore your must-see destinations and views when you visit the Helen, Georgia area during the fall season.

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Hiking The DeSoto Falls Trail In North Georgia

The Desota Falls is one of the many waterfalls destination points in north Georgia. Check out our article to learn more about it to figure out if it's one of the falls you need to check off your travel list.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Amazing Amicalola Falls

Amicalola Falls is a wonderful outdoor experience for you and the family. Enjoy the outdoors, the trail, and the master staircase that descends down the falls. 

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Hiking In The Tallulah Gorge State Park

Tallulah Gorge State Park has a wonderful waterfall, amazing trails, and numerous sight-seeing points. People travel from all over the country to visit this beautiful and awe-inspiring natural location. In our article, get a glimpse of Tallulah and how to maximize your trip.

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Your Guide To Hiking Brasstown Bald, Near Helen Georgia

Brasstown Bald is the highest point in the state of Georgia. From this watchtower location, you can see large swaths of Georgia and you get a front-row view to the beautiful mountains of the north.

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Hitting The Trails At Unicoi State Park: What You Need To Know

Check out our guide to the Unicoi State Park. With numerous trails at different difficulty levels, you'll find something for you or your family to enjoy. Plus, check out a view photos of what you can expect on your next outdoor visit.

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Exploring Smithgall Woods State Park & Related Activities

Explore the history and layout of the Smithgall Woods State Park. Enjoy the trails, or take a pole and go fishing. Experience the Duke's Creek and the waterfall that goes with it. 

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The Best Way To See, Explore, & Climb Mount Yonah

Mount Yonah is another popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Check out our articles to learn more about it, explore the hiking available around it, and explore whether this should be one of your go-to places the next time you visit north Georgia.

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Your Complete Guide To Mountain Biking Around Helen Georgia

Want something more interesting to do in the north Georgia mountains than hiking? How about hauling your bike to the Helen, Georgia and enjoy the off-road biking of the most beautiful area of the state? Check out the following link to get tips, insights, and information for biking the north Georgia mountains.

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Everything You Want To Know About Mountain Climbing in North Georgia

Take your activity up a notch on your next visit to the Helen, Georgia area. With a large variety of options, mountain climbers have numerous options to satisfy their climbing itch. Check out our climbing guide to get more ideas and tips for your next mountain adventures.

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Explore The Abundant & Gorgeous North Georgia Waterfalls

Overwhelmed by the numerous amount of waterfalls in the north Georgia mountains? We've put together a comprehensive waterfall guide to give you a survey of all your options. Once you know which fall you want to visit, you can dive deep into our specific articles on that fall.

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The Ultimate Appalachian Trail Guide

The Appalachian Trail starts in north Georgia. Check out our article to learn where it starts, and tips for exploring the Georgia segment or starting to long treck up the east coast.

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Discover The Amazing Natural Wonders Of The North Georgia Mountains

North Georgia is filled with outdoor and natural wonders filled with awe when experienced. Check out our article to survey the different outdoor wonders you get the opportunity to learn about and explore on your next trip to the city of Helen, Georgia.

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Campfires, Campgrounds, and Campsites in and Around Helen, Georgia

If you enjoy the outdoors, camping is likely one of your favorite activities to do in the north Georgia mountains. The good news is how the Helen, Georgia area is filled with wonderful places to stay the night. Check out our article for tips and locations to plant your tent and camper.

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