Your Childhood Dream Come True - Sleep in a Treehouse!

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When you were a kid, you dreamed of building your own treehouse. Maybe you did actually build it! Either way, we invite you to revisit those memories in a whole new way with our treehouse cabins. 

These aren’t your plywood-nailed houses with a rope ladder. Oh no. These are the luxurious adult version, complete with a billiard table, fireplace, jacuzzi tub indoors, infrared sauna, and a hot tub overlooking the woods and creek out on the porch. 

Set in dreamy locations, these treehouse cabins will help you glamp among the trees without having to rough it on the hardwood forest floor in a tent. The treehouse cabins offer a secluded location where you can relax with the convenience of accessing outdoor fun. From exciting activities like wine tasting to hiking to the waterfalls, there is some type of activity for everyone in and around Helen Ga.

About the Treehouse Cabins

You will be deep in the forest, which will make for an enchanting stay. Walking across your wide, enclosed metal bridge to your cabin’s front door, you begin to see that this is going to be a special experience. And you’re not even inside yet! On the main floor is an open plan master bedroom with comfortable king bed, fully-equipped modern kitchen, living room, fireplace, infrared sauna, outdoor hot tub, inside jacuzzi tub, and more. 


On the upper floor is a game of billiards and a sleeper sofa. Take in the views as you are 60-100 ft up in the air.

The amenities in these luxury cabins such as the jacuzzi tub has jets that will ease your tension. Enjoy the hot tub while you look out onto the forest. Indoors, set the color of the lighting to whatever matches your mood.


                Image of Sky's the Limit Treetop Cabin

Remote work has become the norm for many of us, so why not make your remote workplace a cabin in the woods? Your cabin has 200 MB fiber so your zoom calls will run smoothly. We advise you to activate the backdrop of your office on those work-related calls to keep your cohorts from being jealous! 

What else makes our Treehouses unique?

Well first, no need to worry about termites or lightning strikes, this cabin is built on a solid 300,000 lb reinforced concrete steel reinforced pad, steel column and platform that will withstand a category 2 hurricane.

Second, you have arrived at a complete spa experience with the rain shower overlooking the terrain in a one-way mirrored glass and a $5000 pure air Jacuzzi spa. Unlike any other spa bath, this one has no tubes which keeps this tub sanitary, and chromo lighting that gives it a wow factor. If you have ever been in one, you know they can be a little cramped, but this is 6 ft by 5 ft. It is huge. You can also sip some champagne and stream on the 65-inch HD TV while you soak.

If you want to prepare for what this spa can do, check out this video:


But the moment you will remember comes when you go out on the back deck. You are looking into the woods, down over 100 ft to the creek below and that’s when you say "Woooooow"!



When you are ready for some adventure, you will have plenty to choose from in and around Helen. Check out our other blog posts to find suggestions for restaurants, fishing, wine tasting, tubing, hiking, and many other activities.  


We currently offer 5 treehouses for your special getaway and promise it will be one you will want to return to again and again. Our treehouses are: 


Sky’s the Limit

Gold Peak

Pinnacle Suites

Top of the Line

Marvel Falls


To check out our treehouses and make a reservation, click on the button below! 

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