What You Should Know Before Tubing in Helen, Georgia

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What is tubing in Helen, Georgia?

Tubing is a popular water activity, especially during the hot summer months when you would love to float down the river to cool off. It is also called the "hooch".

What to wear when tubing?


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A bathing suit is the most recommended clothing for tubing. You can also wear a t-shirt over your bathing suit to keep you cooler beneath the hot sun and protect your skin. Please avoid wearing clothes that stay wet for a long time such as long dresses or jackets. For extra protection, you may bring a wetsuit to help your body insulate. Protect your feet by wearing water shoes especially if you need to walk along the river bottom. The water is filled with rocks and they are slippery. Don't forget to bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen for sun protection.

Where To Go for the Best Helen, GA, Tubing

Helen Tubing and Waterpark

The company provides tubing to the Chattahoochee River while in Helen, GA. The tubers have the selection of an hour to all day tubing pass or also an all-day ticket to the waterpark which includes unlimited tubing. No age limit for tubing and dogs are allowed to tube or swim next to you.

Cool River Tubing

You can choose from a 2 and a half-hour ride or an hour and a half ride. This includes a single-person tube, shuttle service, life jacket, and tie straps.

Things to Remember:

  • Waterproof case your phone. If not, just leave it.
  • Don't forget to bring water to keep you hydrated especially that it can get hot being in direct sun for hours on end.
  • If you don’t want something to get wet, don’t take it. Everything will get wet.
  • To remain safe while tubing, wear a life jacket.
  • Some areas of the river are shallow and some are not. For the most part, the river is shallow. This, of course, is dependent on rainfall, but there are a couple of deeper sections. You’ll see kids stop on the river to take a swim in these areas.
  • You can't get out on the shore. The river passes through town, restaurants, and hotel fronts and you can't exit at these points.

City of Helen Rules
1. It is unlawful, pursuant to City Code 46-22, for any person to use or possess any cooler or drink container with exception of one plastic bottle of water per tube not to exceed 32 oz., either in, or upon, the Chattahoochee River and within the City Limits of Helen, Ga.
2. No coolers.
3. No littering. Always ensure to keep the river and the surroundings clean and pack your trash out. 
4. No glass allowed.
5. No nudity.
6. Respect other river users (fishermen, etc)
7. No alcohol.
8. It shall be unlawful to leave the river by way of the river bank except at the designated area.




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