Our Team


Tom Telford  |  CEO  |  tom@cccabins.com  

Tom Telford holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida and taps into his engineering education and analytical skills to get underneath the hood of what makes website visitors and search engines tick. 

With more than 15 years in the cabin rentals management field, Tom has been leading the online marketing efforts and business development growth as Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals and Cedar Creek Developmentā€™s CEO since 2006.  Tom's primary focus is to ensure that all of our clients have ultimate customer experience. He has spent 20 years in sales, always exploring new media and new techniques to grow his business base, leveraging social media and internet marketing to keep the communication and connections created with his clientele.  Tom recently took on managing the companies operations and cleaning.   "My objective recently has been to create teams of people that not only love their team but want to help out others so we can best serve our 2500 families that visit us each year.  Doing so will come have our guests come back and refer others and that is good for all of us."  We currently have 5 cleaning crews and 3 maintenance crews that keep our cabins clean and well maintained.


Wendy Galloway  |  Customer Service Agent  | wendy@cccabins.com

 has worked for Cedar Creek since 2016. Her goals are to work with our customers to help them with cabin selection and to ensure a smooth flow so to getting to and in their cabin. She strives ensuring that every guest is happy in any situation and always looks for ways to provide excellent customer service in a timely manner.