Founder & CEO

 Tom Telford

Tom, who founded Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals in 2008, has been both an active driver in the company and its visionary. Balancing those roles is what makes Cedar Creek ideal for guests today but will allow it to be even greater tomorrow.

Because Tom values every aspect of the guest experience, he has taken the time to select, train, and improve a team where empathy, work ethic, and integrity is central. The team uses Tom as a model for putting guests first and paying attention to detail.

Tom believes in the importance of guests having a relaxing and peaceful experience during their time in a Cedar Creek cabin. As a health and wellness enthusiast, Tom understands that the tranquility and rest of an excellent cabin stay can have profound benefits for the body, mind, and soul.

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Head Maintenance Engineer

 Billy Eskew

Billy is the resident expert on cabin maintenance at Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals. He ensures that every bit of the cabin structure and equipment exceeds guest expectations on every visit.

Part of his personal philosophy is that the best property maintenance is proactive and preventative. Billy frequently inspects every property to make needed modifications, improvements, and checks on quality to avoid unexpected inconveniences for guests.

Billy genuinely cares about the experience each guest has with Cedar Creek. Because nature and circumstances are unpreventable, he makes himself available any time of day or night to handle any particular maintenance situation as it arises.

Helen Property Manager

 Wendy Galloway

Wendy has been a cornerstone member of the Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals team since 2010. Having spent her whole life just outside of Helen, Georgia, Wendy appreciates the local people and the natural setting that so many guests to Cedar Creek are seeking.

As the Helen Property Manager, Wendy believes that every detail of the cabin rental experience matters, down to the atmosphere and smallest decoration. She takes special care to make sure that every booking and cabin preparation is flawless so that each guest’s experience starts and ends well.

Wendy also has a passion for overseeing the maintenance of clean and well-stocked cabins, having begun in a housekeeping role before moving to property management. In Wendy’s words, “Every cabin visit should feel like stepping into your home.” Whatever it takes to create that experience, Wendy is willing to apply her leadership and work ethic to go the extra mile; whether that means helping visitors find their cabins or having one last inspection before guest arrival.

Co-Head Housekeeper

 Louann Burke

Since 2013, Louann has been a valued part of the Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals team. In her role as Head Housekeeper, Louann looks at each property as though she were a guest herself. This connection with the needs and wants of guests is how she provides an experience that makes every unique cabin shine for each visitor.

One angle of which Louann relates to guests is by recognizing that many of the bookings at Cedar Creek are for families. Louann, herself being very family-oriented with kids of her own, knows that there’s a distinct difference in what a cabin needs to be equipped for families rather than just adults. From this starting point, she prepares cabins with extra games and decorations that reach guests on a much more personal level.

Co-Head Housekeeper

 Jamie Cunningham

Jamie has been an appreciated member of the Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals team since 2012. Her unwavering work ethic and attention to detail have elevated her to the position of Head Housekeeper, where she continues to serve every guest to the best of her ability.

Jamie makes sure that every cabin she visits and oversees is pristine so that guests never have to think about it. Mostly, when you arrive at a Cedar Creek cabin, Jamie makes sure it will feel like nobody else has ever been there before!

Part of Jamie’s core service philosophy is that cabins need to feel like home. Vacationers come to cabins to get comfort and relaxation in a way that feels natural and familiar. For this reason, Jamie believe that a cabin should be so much more than any other travel destination, and that starts with housekeeping preparing every detail of the cabin before guests ever have to ask.