North Georgia Cabin Rentals - What to Bring

Posted by Tom Telford on Tue, Apr 26, 2011

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There is nothing like staying in a mountain cabin, however, being prepared when you are going to a rural populated area is a must. North Georgia Cabin Rentals are no exception.  Here are the top 3 of what to bring:  

1.  Directions, Directions, Directions. "But I used my Navi"

We can not reiterate this enough.  Every single week we have folks that forget to bring their "final approach" directions to their cabin. At our north Georgia cabin rentals, we go as far as saying "you may get lost without it" but some choose to ignore this warning and rather than staying in luxury cabins, they end up at the Motel 6 (please do not ask for compensation if this happens).   Not only that, it seems that these folks arrive in the dark of night and somehow were sure that they knew how to get there because they had a "Navi".     People get so hooked on their Navi system and think it will get you there. That's fine in the city but we all know that sometimes these talking friendly voices take you down the wrong path.  Ever yell at your Navi friend?   Yes, they may get you close but even Google does not have these rural areas detailed correctly.  Most rental agencies provide a landing approach to your cabin.  This is the most important thing you can bring. 

2. If you follow step 1, you will have a nice cozy cabin, but there are things you need to bring to make your stay comfy.   Many times you could be up to 30 minutes or more from any local store.  If you are like me, you need to eat on a regular basis.  Bring some snacks to get you by if you only plan on dining out.  Many companies have opted to go green and do not supply "sample soaps", so bringing an extra towel, your favorite soap and shampoo is advised.  This is different from your typical hotel stay (we think much nicer). 

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Important Tip for wine drinkers: bring a wine opener just in case the last guest threw it in their bag and it was not replaced.  You may need it, especially if you did not remember step 1.

3. Know your recourse in the event of an accident. Keep in mind that many rural areas could take an hour or more to get help.  You may have a local physician a few miles away and could drive to their office in minutes.  Trip insurance includes these services.  Heaven forbid anything should happen but barring calling 911, it would be nice to know how to contact a local physician. Here is a doctors list close to a Helen, GA cabin.

With over 10,000 bookings, Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals provides these tips to help your stay to be the best cabin experience possible.


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