How To Operate Your Nest Thermostat

Your cabin is outfitted with a Nest Thermostat. Below are instructions for operating it.

Are You Seeing The Password Screen?

If the password screen shows up, please pass through this code by pressing the front of the nest device, like a buttonto pass through the code. Then, adjust within the range of up to 72 degrees in the winter and down to 70 degrees in the summer. Going outside that range will cause the password screen to come up.

How To Adjust The Temperature

On the temperature setting screen, you can rotate the device between 70-80 degrees in the summer and 60-72 degrees in the winter. The unit can freeze up going outside the range.

Note 1: In the summer, it will be on cool only and in the winter it will be on heat only. 

Note 2: The HVAC system will not work if you try to heat part of the house and cool another. All thermostats must be working on either heat moder or in cool mode.

Questions? Contact Us

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