Waterfalls Near Helen, GA

Posted by Tom Telford on Fri, Aug 19, 2011

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Poets will tell you and young couples will attest that there is nothing more magnificent or cabin rentals of georgia 3enchanting than a waterfall.  Writers are inspired by them, sweethearts betroth their love by them, weddings occur by them, and solace seekers, philosophers and outdoor enthusiasts alike will seek them out.  The Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountain chains have a lot to offer with many enchanting places being accessible from Georgia Cabin Rentals


Amicalola Falls State Park is one of the most popular waterfall attractions in the southeast.

Cabin rentals of Georgia gives you access to one of the most majestic waterfalls in the Appalachians.  Amicalola Falls is the tallest cascade waterfall in the southeast and plunges an estimated seven hundred and twenty-nine feet, giving Amicalola Falls State Park its status as one of the most popular state parks in the state of Georgia with people coming from all over the world to stand in awe and admiration of natures majesty.  Visitors can take an easily accessible pathway to view the falls up close, or if they are suited to the challenge they can climb steep stair cases to get a magnificent view from the top and in so doing qualify to become a member of the parks Canyon Climbers Club.


Visitors are lured to Unicoi State Park by the majestic Anna Ruby Falls.


cabin rentals of georgiaIf one waterfall is an enchanting sight two are doubly majestic.  Anna Ruby Falls at Unicoi State Park is a jewel that is easily accessible from cabin rentals of Georgia.  The Falls were named after Anna Ruby Nichols, the daughter of John H. Nichols who owned the land around the falls in the late 1800s.  Both Curtis Creek and York Creek flow from 4,430 foot Tray Mountain, Georgias seventh highest mountain peak.  They meet at Anna Ruby Falls where Curtis Creek plunges one hundred and fifty-three feet and York Creek drops fifty feet.  At the base of the twin falls they form Smith Creek which flows into Unicoi Lake.  Anna Ruby Falls is a spectacular sight that makes it one of the top waterfall attractions in the state.







 Visitors can admire five waterfalls at Tallulah Gorge State Park.

 TheTallulah River flows through the six hundred foot deep Tallulah Gorge where it spills over five cabin rentalsof georgiawaterfalls before reaching Tugaloo Lake:

  •       Tempesta Falls (plunges seventy-six feet)

  •        Hurricane Falls (plunges ninety-six feet)

  •       Oceana Falls (plunges fifty-feet)

  •        Bridal Veil Falls (plunges seventeen feet)

 A three mile loop trail provides access to all but Bridal Veil Fallsand crosses the gorge eighty-five feet above the gorge floor.  On the other side of the bridge the trail circles around to Tallulah Lake Dam. Tallulah Gorge State Park remains a top destination where you can admire Georgias natural heritage. 

North Georgia has a lot of waterfalls that attract visitation from around the world and a majority of them are accessible from many north ga cabin rentals .

North Georgia is home to several spectacular waterfalls -- t

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