A Review Of Gasthaus Restaurant South Of Helen In Cumming Georgia

Posted by Tom Telford on Mon, Jun 23, 2014

Are you looking for authentic German fare and a welcoming atmosphere, even while you're exploring the areas outside of Helen?

We've highlighted some of the areas south of Helen, such as tourist favorites like Amicalola Falls State Park.

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If you've decided to check out these popular places, you may also be interested in checking out some of the tasty German dishes at Gasthaus Restaurant - known all around for its commitment to excellence and customer service.

Featuring an expansive food and beverage menu, a charming atmosphere, and genuine European chefs, you'll enjoy the experience of a lifetime during your day trip away from Helen (or on your way up to it) and into Cumming, Georgia at the Gasthaus Restaurant.

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Gasthaus Restaurant

CCCR Rating: 4/5 Stars
Address: 310 Atlanta Road (Cumming)
Phone: (770) 844-7244
Website: www.gasthaus-cumming.com

History/ Overview

Owner and chef Reinhold Wagner, along with several other accomplished German chefs, operate the Gasthaus Restaurant with passion and a love for the craft.

The goal of the restaurant is to provide patrons with an authentic German and European experience, right here in the heart of Georgia. Incredibly well thought-out dishes are prepared each day, highlighting all of the aspects of brilliant German cuisine with their own unique twist. The finest ingredients and traditional recipes are followed in order to guarantee consistency in quality and flavor.

Whether you choose to dine indoors or experience the fresh air outside in the Bier Garten, you won't walk away from Gasthaus Restaurant feeling disappointed with your experience.

Of course, Fido is welcome in the outdoor seating, so after a day of exercising the entire family at Amicalola Falls State Park,you will all have the ability to relax and unwind over a good meal of food, drink and festivity. 

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Feeling thirsty? What better way to unwind after a day of hiking than by indulging in a fresh draft beer. The Gasthaus Restaurant offers an extensive beer and wine list featuring Warsteiner Dunkel and Lager, Oktoberfest beers, Hefenweizen, Radler (beer & lemonade or Sprite), Bourgogne Blanc, Burgandy, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and so much more.

A drink is sure to get your appetite going. Once your stomach starts to growl, you might consider beginning your meal with traditional German favorites like potato pancakes with sour cream and apple sauce, a pretzel and sausage, an assorted cheese and sausage plate, Wurtsalat, or crab cakes.  You could also go with a spicy Hungarian Goulash - a favorite of the restaurant's.

If you're watching your weight or prefer to eat on the lighter side, you might choose to stick with a house, Greek, or Caesar salad, with grilled chicken or shrimp.

Heartier appetites need not fear, however. There are plenty of filling, scrumptious, and extremely popular German main dishes to choose from. Schnitzels are often ordered and devoured by guests. Pork eaters will adore Wiener Schnitzel or Holstein Schnitzel which is weiner schnitzel with Espagnole sauce and a fried egg. Chicken schnitzel is another great option. Not sure which you'd like best? Ask about the sampler plate which will offer you a trio of your choosing.

Beyond Schnitzel, consider taking a taste of the restaurant's incredible beef stroganoff, goulash, or Rouladen (thinly sliced beef that has been wrapped around bacon, onion, and pickle). You might also enjoy the Black Forest Plate which offers Bratwurst and Knockwurst Sausage, or the Butcher's plate with smoked pork chop and a choice of 2 brats or Knockwurst or Debrizina sausages. 

Pasta lovers, on the other hand, may choose to go with Spatzle egg noodles with black forest ham and mushrooms, topped with melted Swiss cheese.  

You won't regret saving room for dessert. Chocolate lovers will adore German chocolate cake, Black Forest Cake, or the Cream Cheese Brownie. If you're not a chocolate fan, you'll  go gaga for the restaurant's homemade apple strudel, raspberry ganache cake, or creme brulee.

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The specials at Gasthaus Restaurant are ever changing. Often, oxtails can be expected at a discounted price. It's wise to check the website's page before visiting so that you know exactly what to expect.

Regardless of this, however, Gasthaus Restaurant is known for offering exceptionally reasonable rates for fine dining cuisine of an authentic Bavarian nature. 

Additional Info/ Extras

Take care to always take the time to check out the Gasthaus Restaurant's website in order to determine which special events are going on. Special cooking and dining events occur regularly, offering patrons the experience to get up close and personal with their chefs, watching delicious ribeye steaks and others being prepared for a fixed meal price.

You may also find live entertainment during the summer months for those who enjoy spending their time in the Bier Garten. Regardless of what's going on, though, you'll always feel like an honored guest when you visit the Gasthaus Restaurant in Cumming.

What's Your Review Of the Gasthaus Eatery?

Have you eaten at the Gasthaus? What do you think of the restaurant? What are your favorite dishes?

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