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Posted by Tom Telford on Thu, Jul 21, 2011

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horseback riding north gaThe bald eagle is a symbol of national pride, but the majestic horse symbolizes our national spirit. When Lewis and Clark set out on their great trek across the country, they went by horse.

A horse speaks to adventure, independence, strength, grace and beauty. The next time you choose to vacation in Helen Ga cabin rentals, consider adding a horseback adventure to your stay.

Whether it's your first time on a horse or you are a seasoned rider, the stables in and around the north Georgia forests have a horse for you. You will never see the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains quite the same way again after you see them from horseback. And all these stables are within a short drive from the cabin rentals in Helen, GA. The stables offer a wide variety of packages and all stables offer guided rides through mountain trails.

helen ga cabin rentalsAre you on a romantic getaway for this vacation? The Fort Mountain Stables offer a sweetheart package for just you and your loved one. Imagine riding off into the woods, your sweetie by your side with just the sounds of the birds, the wind in the trees and the gentle clop-clop of horse hooves to keep you company and a picnic awaiting you at the end of your trail.

Looking for more adventure? Consider an overnight camping package through Fort Mountain Stables. These guided trips will have you feeling like a cowboy out on the range for the night. Or you could learn real cowboy skills at Blanche Manor like barrel racing, cattle roping or running a horse through an obstacle course. After an afternoon at Blanche Manor, you'll be a real city slicker.

horseback riding helen gaTo enjoy the forest in a new way, consider a moonlight ride through the mountain trails with the moon and stars to keep you company. Georgia Frontiers offers rides for those 21 and older starting at dusk and ending with a barbecue buffet around a campfire.

All the stables around the cabins in Helen, GA offer guided trail rides. A few of the stables, including Cherokee Creeks Stable have packages for independent riders, more experienced horse men and women who would like to venture out on the trails on their own.

If you're not quite ready to ride on a horse, consider a carriage ride instead. These romantic rides will take you through the beautiful alpine village of Helen, GA with Alpine Carriage Company, which can also accommodate weddings and other special events. Or take a family wagon ride with Blanche Manor to an apple orchard and enjoy dinner and entertainment along the way.


Helen GA horseback riding:


Sunburst Stables

S3181 State Hwy. 255; Clarkesville, GA

 Please do comment as to your experience horseback riding in the beautiful north Georgia mountains.

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