Why Helen Georgia Is The Top Sport For Family Reunions

Posted by Tom Telford on Sat, Apr 23, 2011

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Need we say more? Picture this. Your family is from New York or Maryland or somewhere up north and you never get to see them?  Well, let's just say you only want to see them a few times a decade, right?  When you do, it should be enjoyable.  Cabin rentals in Georgia where both families meet midway could be the perfect spot.

Have a large family, up to 100 or more?  How about each group having their own private cabin in a natural setting with trails, a playground for the kids and all walking distance from one another.   There is a little spot near Helen GA that many just don't know about and you would have 84 acres all to yourselves.

Cabin rentals in Georgia

Family Reunions take planning and work to get everyone together.  We found two websites that may help out.  Family Reunions Websites and a paid site that will organize your group photos, movies, directions, posts and more, called MyEvent.  I would have everyone pitch in and pay for a 3-6 months subscription so everyone has one site to visit and add stuff for the reunion. North Georgia cabin rentals would be an excellent consideration for planning your Family Reunion or large group gathering.  Good luck on planning your family reunion, we are sure your group will appreciate and enjoy the experience.

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