Cabins In North GA vs. Luxury Estate Homes

Posted by Tom Telford on Tue, Apr 24, 2012

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What do you think of when you hear the term “cabins in North GA?” If you’re like most, this probably conjures up an old, rickety, cheaply made place of overlain logs which appears as though it could be knocked over by too strong a breeze. While there are log cabins which stand up to the elements, most of cabins in north gathese are not meant to be permanent dwellings and are erected quickly. Something along these tenuous lines is what typically comes to mind when a term like cabins in North GA gets tossed around.

The term "cabins in North GA" doesn’t evoke perceptions of luxury estate homes; or it shouldn’t. Still that’s what many folks visiting North Georgia can find today; cabins in the woods which stand actually as testament to true luxury estate homes.

The Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals are indeed cabins in North GA but they are properties which have all manner of luxury amenities. From the amazing pine walls, to oak floors, and all the wonderful granite and tile finishing, the Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals name doesn’t quite conjure up the amazing quality of this space. 

When you’re going on vacation, you’re typically going to get away from your everyday routine. If you’re coming out from the city, you’re going to want to experience the country life. At the same time you’re not going to want to sleep on egg crates, cots, or sleeping bags. The Cedar Creek Cabin rentals come in all shapes and sizes; from 1 to 5 bedrooms so that you can fit your whole brood comfortably. Add in things like hot tub, pool table, Jacuzzi bath, game tables and more and suddenly you’re beginning to see how you can get away without actually having to rough it.

views cabins in north gaAnother real benefit to these cabins in North Georgia, which are so much more than just beds in the woods, are the stunning views they exhibit. When comparing cabins in the woods in Georgia with what one comes to expect from luxury estate homes, the Cedar Creek facilities are far more like the latter than the former. At Cedar Creek guests are offered creek views, mountain views, waterfall views, or any of the seasonal view appointments which the stunning landscape puts on display.

At the end of the day you need to make a decision. What is it that you want to get from your vacation anywhere in north Georgia? Do you want to have some of the same-old/same-old chain hotels? Do you want to have a hit-or-miss off-the-cuff destination? Or do you want something more?

Here’s a question for past guests; how surprised were you by the Cedar Creek Cabin rentals when you first arrived? Now that you’ve stayed here, could you imagine staying anywhere else in the area?


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