Cheap Cabin Vacation Packages Found in Helen GA

Posted by Tom Telford on Tue, Jun 14, 2011

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There are cheap vacation packages all around us.  Some are so available and right in front of our own eyes, that we may be missing out.   As a business owner trying to drive traffic and business, it amazes me how few people actually seize the deals.   If you are reading this, you are looking for deals and you likely save a ton of money finding and taking advantage of them.Helen GA dining coupon 

For example, we are offering a deal that if you stay at one of our North Georgia cabin rentals, we buy your dinner while you are in town. Just enter a code and you can get a great meal and we pay for it. No strings attached.  We have several great restuarants we are working with like Paul's Steakhouse in Helen, Rib Country in Cleveland, and Copper Pot in Clarkesville.   

We recently had a promotion where if you book for 3 nights, we will pay for one night FREE.  What was amazing is how few people actually took us up on the offer.  YES, there were many people that booked for the 3 night minimum requirement but some opted not to take the offer which had to be taken at the time of the booking.

There are so many deals going on right now that just a Google search may save you some cash.  Here is one we found that may help you save.

helen ga cabin rentals mountain view

Here is another one that if you did not read this entire article, you just missed. Our cabins have some amazing views.

You see, cheap vacation packages are all around us.  Keep your eyes peeled and you will save and enjoy a wonderful much needed family vacation.






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