firepit cabin rental

Firewood Request

It's getting chilly and time to enjoy the chill with a toasty fire.  

Take your cabin experience to the next level by having dry firewood available for you to use in your fire-pit or indoor fireplace if your cabin is outfitted with one.
Most agree that having a fire really adds to your cabin experience (s'mores anyone?) and having wood awaiting on your arrival would be a plus.
Simply fill out the form below, add the number of bundles, and we will bill your card $10/bundle on file and have the firewood awaiting.  A bundle is 4-6 medium size dry firewood bagged or wrapped. If you booked through Airbnb or other channels, simply submit your number of bundles and we will request payment through that channel.
Important note:  If your arrival is within 48 hours of needing firewood, please call us at 770-952-4130 with your order.