A Business Opportunity for North Georgia Cabin Owners

Do you enjoy the peaceful nature of rustic North Georgia? Do you find yourself wishing to spend more time at your vacation cabin than anywhere else? We have an opportunity that may provide you the resources and direction to make your cabin into a lifestyle change and business venture.

Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals is seeking dedicated, passionate area managers to oversee and lead operations for new cities. If you own a cabin in North Georgia and are interested in booking your own guests while helping to reach, book, and care for other cabins as well, this is a perfect opportunity for you. This role will start in a part-time, entrepreneurial capacity, allowing you to maintain your current job or transition as the position grows.

As a cultural fit, it’s important that a potential area manager appreciate the difference between cabin rentals and other vacation destinations. High-end rustic cabin rentals are about relaxation and an escape from outside pressures. An ideal area manager would also want to share that experience with guests. Perhaps just as importantly, working with these cabins offers area managers a way to live that experience more often.

Area managers will be able to create stable income from booking and maintaining managed properties while spending time in and around the cabins. In the long term, area managers can grow the number of local properties in order to increase returns while creating an amazing Cedar Creek experience for an even greater number of guests.

Currently area manager positions are already filled for Helen and Hiawassee, Georgia, but there are endless other locations where Cedar Creek is interested in operating.