Have You Tried Stand Up Paddle Fly Fishing In North Georgia?

Photo by Michael Henry on Unsplash

The new and unique sport of Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) Fly-fishing is happening at rivers, lakes, and oceans across the country. 

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Georgia Fishing License Locations, Requirements & Information

Photo of Farrow Peacock, courtesy of McGowan Peacock

Fishing in Georgia includes the state's more than 4,000 miles of trout streams and more than 12,000 miles of warm water streams teeming with trout, pike and more than a dozen other fish species that populate Georgia waters. If you can't wait to try your own luck fishing in the Peach State, here's what you need to know about getting your Georgia fishing license.

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North Georgia Fishing Hot Spots (Near Helen)

Photo by Andrew McElroy on Unsplash

If you are planning on fishing on your next trip to north Georgia, you'll find an abundance of hot spots to catch a variety of fish. Plus getting back to nature and relaxing in the great outdoors is what every nature lover and outdoor enthusiast craves.  As busy workers, we can feel we'll explode if we don't get out of the office for a weekend away from the chaos of busy life (in fact, this is the essence of our mission). 

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Taco Bell Made This Couples Dream Come True at Raven Falls

There are many ways to propose from a romantic dinner to a hot air balloon ride to a simple walk in the mountains. However, Will’s proposal to Brea has to be one of the most unique. Will and Brea share their story about how a fast food taco sauce packet was the catalyst for one of the most important moments of their lives.

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Fly Fishing Tips For Fishing Around Helen Georgia

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

There are numerous Fly Fishing locations and opportunities in close proximity to Helen Georgia. The nearby Chattahoochee river and its tributaries are full of native rainbow, brown, and brook trout.  Below we share important keys to successful fishing, or shall we say catching? Let's get started.

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Oktoberfest 2017 In Helen Georgia: Everything You Need To Know

It's going to be a stellar Oktoberfest 2017 in Helen Georgia! We've compiled the following insights, links and resources to help you make the most of your experience. Be sure to bookmark this page for reference during your stay.

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Love Mom on Mother's Day in the North Georgia Mountains

Photo Credit: Jordan Whitt via Unsplash
Moms give us life, and we really should be grateful from that point on, right?

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Total Solar Eclipse, August 2017, In North Georgia

It’s being called “The Across America Eclipse.” One of the most spectacular natural happenings will occur in the north Georgia Mountains this summer. On August 21, 2017 a Total Solar Eclipse makes it journey from the west coast of the United States through the heartland states to the Atlantic Ocean (and beyond).

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The Cedar Creek Travel Content Roundup - April 2017

Are you following Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals on social media? If not, get these links in real-time. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

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Cedar Creek’s Newest Cabins in 2017

Cedar Creek is dedicated to providing high-quality, unique experiences during each and every visit. In order to provide a wider variety of experiences for a larger number of guests, we’ve brought on several new cabins to start off 2017 the right way!

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