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Exploring Helen, Georgia | The Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals Blog

Zip Lining In North Georgia: History, Safety, & Operators

Posted by Tom Telford on Tue, Mar 22, 2022

This blog post is part of “DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO BOOKING A TRIP TO HELEN, GEORGIA” blog series.                             

Have you ever wanted to feel like you are flying through the air? Have you imagined feeling the wind across your face and watching the scenery behind you disappear as you sail across the landscape below? Unfortunately, most people keep their feet on the ground and miss fulfilling the fantasy of flight.

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This Month's Travel Content Roundup

Posted by Jason Scott Montoya on Tue, Feb 07, 2017

Photo courtesy of The Gaurdian, Richrd Pennington/

We've gathered and shared travel content from around the web. As always, you can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest to get this news when we first post it.

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Helen, GA Is the Best German Town in US—but It Wasn’t Always This Way

Posted by Tom Telford on Mon, Dec 02, 2013

A lot of people don't know this, but Helen is actually the third most-visited town in Georgia, only beat out by Atlanta and Savannah. That's pretty good for the best little German town in America with a population of only 543 people!

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Oktoberfest Trivia & Tradition: Do You Know Answers To These Ten Oktoberfest Questions?

Posted by Tom Telford on Wed, Oct 09, 2013

Fall has arrived in northern Georgia, and that means that visitors are flocking to the area to celebrate Oktoberfest Helen!

Hoist a pint, join the parade and eat a brat when you head to Helen this fall. Oktoberfest in Helen is the longest-running Oktoberfest celebration in the world and starts in mid-September running through the end of October. There is nothing quite like experiencing the traditional German fall festival and celebration in Helen. What you find at the Oktoberfest in Germany is what you’ll find right here in Helen Georgia.

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These Four Things Are Why Helen Is THE Place To Be For Oktoberfest

Posted by Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals on Sun, Sep 15, 2013

Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock

Oktoberfest has been a staple of Bavarian culture for more than 200 years. There is no better place to celebrate this tradition than Helen, Georgia, home of the longest Oktoberfest celebration in the world.

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5 Ways You Can Experience German Influence in Helen Georgia

Posted by Tom Telford on Wed, Sep 11, 2013

When you're driving up Georgia's I-75 into the scenic north Georgia mountains, the last thing you might expect to see is a German Alpine village. Known for its charming Bavarian culture, Helen is truly a place like no other. But how did this city come to be in the middle of the Chattahoochee National Forest, anyway? And how can you experience the rich German heritage during your next visit? Here's your guide to the village's history, and all that there is to see and do.

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Amazing Natural Wonders In Around North Georgia

Posted by Tom Telford on Mon, Aug 19, 2013

This blog post is part of “YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE NORTH GEORGIA OUTDOORS” blog series.

Georgia is full of natural beauty and wonders. As you travel through the north Georgia mountains you can step into picturesque places that will take your breath away.

Here we share the magnificent natural wonders in Georgia awaiting you!

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Helen GA Seasonal Guide: To Do In The Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall

Posted by Tom Telford on Mon, Feb 04, 2013

Choosing Helen Georgia is a perfect vacation option regardless of the season. There's a wealth of exciting adventures and incredible recreational opportunities awaiting guests in the mountains of north Georgia.

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Rich History of North Georgia: Southern Charm and Fascinating Places

Posted by Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals on Wed, Sep 26, 2012

We live in a fast-paced world where everything around us is ever-changing. Where everything is constantly shifting, where can you go to get back to the roots of everything and connect with the past?

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How To Maximize Enjoyment During Your Cabin Rental Stay In North GA

Posted by Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals on Tue, Aug 21, 2012

Taking a vacation to Helen, Georgia may not seem terribly luxurious, but you might be surprised at how lush and pampering our accommodations and the Helen area can be for those who seek the ultimate in a Helen getaway.

We want to help make your planning, stay, and memories enjoyable. As you read through the ways you can enjoy your escape, remember, we can’t share it all here because your options are truly limitless in Helen.

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