Reasons to Visit Vineyards Near Helen, Georgia

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There are many wonderful reasons to visit the mountains of north Georgia, whether you are into being outdoors, or seeking the peace and relaxation of a quiet mountain cabin stay with a good book. We want to share with you a few reasons why visiting the vineyards around Helen, Georgia would be well worth your time. You might not think of north Georgia as a location for good wines, but there are quite a few lovely vineyards with world class tasting rooms and lovely outdoor spaces to relax and enjoy. Here’s some good reasons to give them a try: 

1. Scenic beauty: The Blue Ridge Mountains provide the perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll through a vineyard. The rolling hills, lush greenery, and stunning mountain views are sure to take your breath away.


2. Wine tasting: Of course, the main reason to visit a vineyard is to sample the wines. Helen's vineyards offer a variety of different wines to try, from dry reds to sweet whites, and everything in between. Whether you're a seasoned wine connoisseur or a novice just starting to explore the world of wine, you're sure to find something you like. Two of our favorites are Sylvan Valley Lodge and Cellars and Mount Yonah Vineyards. Both have lovely tasting rooms where you can sample a flight of reds or whites, or enjoy a glass of your favorite wine and watch the sunset.


3. Educational experience: Visiting a vineyard is a great way to learn more about the wine-making process. Many vineyards offer tours that take you through the vineyards and the wine-making facilities, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how the grapes are grown and the wine is made.


4. Local culture: Helen's vineyards are run by local farmers and wine-makers who are passionate about their craft. Visiting a vineyard is a great way to learn more about the local culture and to meet some of the people who make Helen such a special place. Local vineyard staff love to talk about their passion for their craft, and at several of the wineries you often mingle with the owners, which is a wonderful way to get the background story on a lovely venue. 

5. Relaxation and recreation: A visit to a vineyard is a perfect way to relax and unwind. Take a picnic and enjoy it among the vines, or if the weather is nice, enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace. The vineyards also often have events like live music, food festivals, and wine dinners, which add to the overall experience. Serenity Cellars has a sweet pavilion where they have live music several times a week. Jumping Goat , which specializes in coffee and mead, has a million dollar view of Mount Yonah, and you can view it from an indoor pavilion with live music as well.

6. Perfect for group events: Many of the vineyards in Helen offer group tours and private events. You can organize a corporate team building or a family reunion, or even a romantic wedding in one of these vineyards. VIP Southern Wine Tours has small party bus trips that visit several wineries - perfect for a fun day out with friends! 

7. Great gift ideas: Helen's vineyards offer a wide range of wines, from dry to sweet, and also sell wine-related products such as bottles, glasses, and accessories. This can be a great gift idea for wine lovers.


In summary, a visit to Helen's vineyards is the perfect way to experience the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, sample some delicious wines, and learn more about the local culture. Whether you're looking for a relaxing day trip or a romantic getaway, Helen's vineyards offer something for everyone. So pack a picnic, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy all that Helen's vineyards have to offer.

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