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Top 5 Cabins For Sale And Rent In Helen Ga

Posted by Tom Telford on Wed, May 22, 2013

Our guests love to retreat to a cabin for rent in the Helen Georgia for family vacations, romantic getaways, or large reunions. A private cabin set against the lush mountain backdrop is the ideal location to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to reconnect with those you love the most. A rental cabins in Georgia that can be an incredible investment as well. We have cabin rentals for sale in Helen GA that can welcome guests and work for you at the same time.

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Cabins for Sale in Helen Ga

Posted by Tom Telford on Sat, Jan 21, 2012

The North Georgia mountains, often also known as the Blue Ridge Mountains, offer some of the best mountain real estate on the east coast. Helen, GA in particular is a great place to get-away to, whether it’s for a bit of shopping, hiking, or history…or whatever else you and your family or friends might be looking for! Year-round, Helen offers gorgeous alpine views and lots of variety combined with small-town charm.       

But now that you know this (and most likely you have read more about Helen GA elsewhere), the question becomes, “Could I feasibly be the owner of my own cabin in Helen?”    
Here are some practical tips and facts for your foray into real estate in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  •   Be sure to hit the sites that are actually selling property, and are not just advertising vacation rentals. In many ways, it is often easier to approach a realtor directly. That being said, you may avoid real estate fees going direct to the cabin management company.
  • The town of Helen, GA itself is not very large, but the surrounding area still in the Helen, GA zip code is rather spread out. Be sure to pay attention to distance from certain amenities and other things you might like to have in the area you choose.
  • Buying Lots: Helen, GA still offers lots for sale, and at pretty good prices. Be sure to differentiate between lots that are a good investment, and lots that are prime location for a second home or retirement home. Nearness to schools, shops or vacation activities make a difference to buyers and/or renters. Good lots with a view of 1-2 acres are between $39,000-$84,000, while premium lots with great views price higher, starting at $69,000. 
  • Buying Homes/Cabins: To give an idea, a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home on a 1-2 acre property costs anywhere from $220,000 - $600,000. When one starts talking about cabins, with a bit more of a view and in prime locations, a 3-bedroom cabin can easily price at $225,000 or more.
         The income from rental can nearly help offset a mortgage note so do ask for rental revenue.  It is just as possible to find a rustic 1-bedroom cabin, on a small lot that is relatively close to town for $50,000.  Don't expect great rental income for the low cost fixer uppers.  
  • Geography and Local Sites: Left and north of town boasts beautiful falls and deeper mountainous areas, including the Appalachian Trail and Unicoi National Forest and Lake. The east of town, being a bit more developed and offering smaller mountain ridges, is where most real estate is being sold. South of town is more of a woods & valleys area.


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