The Closest Mountain Cabin Rentals to Vacation from Florida

Posted by Tom Telford on Thu, Apr 14, 2011

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Helen GA cabin rentals

Florida can not be beat when it comes to the beach and our family loves hitting the beach,  however, there will become a point in time when you crave the mountains.  You know what I mean because almost everyone craves a mountain top experience. A metaphor, if you will, for when you just have to push the extra limit or stretch  yourself when you need a little push.  Yes, I'm talking about climbing a mountain. The closest mountain to Florida is Mt. Yonah near Helen, GA.

No, it does not have to be Mt. Everest although Mt. Yonah is 3143 ft.   A little hike up Anna Ruby Falls will do just fine.  A nice little trail takes you up to a spectacular waterfall and on a paved trail to boot.  Sitting up at the top on a nice comfy bench and listening to those falls will set you free.  Wanna really push it, climb up Mt.          Yonah and experience views that rival any range on the East coast.  

So you have your mountain and of course you need Helen GA cabin rentals to go with it.  You can rough it at Unicoi State park or go upscale at a high end luxury cabin. The price is very affordable and the cost to hike up Anna Ruby....$2 and $5 to park. You can't beat it with a walking stick.

If you are looking for the perfect Mountain Cabin rentals from Florida, Mt. Yonah in Helen, GA is your destination.  I'll see you at the top.


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